Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monday Blues...

I guess I'm suffering from Monday Blues, though looking at the time now, its already tuesday morning. Took 1/2 day leave today, but I guess wasn't that worthwhile afterall. Was so tired that I fall asleep, woke up, but I'm still tired, whats wrong with me?

Anyway, just wanna share with you guys what I found on the web, www.myheritage.com.
I was so amused by what I did, and actually upload a few pictures until I'm finally content with the results...lol.

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The green box represents me... haha, stephen chow? Blue is weiliang, leslie chung sia, orange box is shuyi, choi ji-woo? I guess some korean celeb, find her familiar..but not her name. Paisay, I'm not an hardcore jap-ster or kor-ster...
And the ultimate... kenneth! Yellow box...hha, ehh.. jay zhou? Lol... up to you all to decide!

Monday, June 26, 2006

ZhIxiang 20th Birthday!

Zhixiang finally turned 20 on the 24/06/06, attended his bbq session at his house. Saw some familiar AJC faces, and nonetheless, 1503 buddies, kah hui, tien soon, danny, wanping, lena, kelvin chew. Unfortunately, wenchuan was on duty.

Took a tour around zhixiang's new house, wow, the view from his house was fantastic! And there were artistic paintings on his walls too. Anyway, my JC class tutor is staying in the same block as zhixiang, so does daniel ang too. Still waiting for daniel's house warming leh, hehe.

Here's Zhixiang's bday video...

He's trying very hard to blow the candles. Haha.

Anyway, there should be more photos la, but fuck . My camera low batt, hmm..shall wait for kahhui and wanping to send me more pics.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Amkss Red Cross Gathering @ Plaza Singapura

WOoohooo! Just now went for the annual redcross gathering, together with my batch and my seniors, never ending laughters, especially with michelle around.

As usual, a picture speaks a thousand words, ehh, actually I'm just simply lazy to type. Hehe.

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At Manhattan Fish Market...guess who reading the menu?

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Michael and Me, hmm, that SHine on my face can Fry an EGG!

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hMM...ANOTHer, but i think i look wierd!

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The Quarter Masters. Chee keong and Me. He's a monster, standing at 1.85m. My Amkss Red X and Guitar Club Senior, and Seletar East Camp Alpha Sergeant!

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Chee Keong and Michael(My Batch Chairperson)

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Trying to be funny, but end up looking like the Garfield

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Do they look alike? ChunMei and our senior, TengTeng (Tresurer) , coincidentally, same colour shirt!

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My Seniors, Dorothy(Chairperson) and Michelle(Discipline Mistress)
Beautiful ladies with BIG eyes!

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My peers! Kailun(Vice Chairperson), Chunmei(welfare officer), Jingui( Discipline mistress)
eHH..can you spot the ghost behind ?

This gathering, really planned from January till now. Everytime see cheekeong in camp, will remind him bout gathering, but everytime the girls can't make it. Still remember the previous one was at my house eat steamboat, and cheekeong was telling me he's suffering in sispec. Time really flies, and he has just ORD-ed. Now just waiting for my turn, 8 mths plus a few more days to go!

Talking about our redcross days, the stupid mistakes we made, hahA, and gossiping , wow, really sia, its another memory recapped again. June really has been my reunion month, meeting different group of people every week. But it really keeps our friendship going, we may only meet up once a year, and our topic may still be surrounding the same person/event, but its sweet and memorable.

Can't believe this, I am going to attend Zhixiang's House Warming a.k.a his birthday celebration next week, its another gathering, but with JC friends.

Memorable events, I love it!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Blogger Caught

Was reading the papers today, and realised another blogger caught for uploading jesus caricatures. He never thought that he would be caught one day. Unfortunately, he's only 21 this year, and waiting to be admitted into the local university. What's up with our society these days? Democratic? Freedom of speech? I doubt.

Ironically, if blogs were meant to be a personal issue, why does the government want to indulge into our privacy? The reason why more and more singaporeans are blogging, its because we have no freedom of speech! The only way to relieve ourselves, is by means of blogging! Stress is definitely the key reason to blogging. No wonder the papers also said that Singapore will soon become the next largest ageing population after Japan. Because the stress level in singapore is driving us crazy! All can't produce babies due to hormones imbalance?

No doubt that the blogger was wrong, but I also sympathise him, for he is so young, and his act was totally meant to be entertaining to his few readers, sad to say, many complain about his particular entry.

Aye, just hope that he will not be punished severely...or else we will have one more bloggers down, and less blog to read and keep ourseleves entertained!

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Shuting's 20th Birthday

Went to celebrate Shuting's birthday on Friday. 090606...at Marina Square Kenny Rogers.

Some Photos to share over here...

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-Shuting and Daniel Goh-

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-Sharmen and Me-

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-Group Photo-

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-Princess Search? eHHH... -

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-Me and Ferry-

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-Haha...the prince and the princess!-

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-Daniel Goh and Myself-

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-SHarmen, Daniel Goh, Me, Chinran, Ferry-

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
-Me, Shuting,Daniel, Suhui, Mindy...act cute sia... =Þ-

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-Chinran and Me-

After that, we went to suhui house to watch world cup opening match. Germany VS Costa Rica.
Hmm, 4 - 2 .. had a few sip of red wine at her house, her uncle force us to drink lah.

At night, was talking to shuting,chinran and ferry our amkss days...and also nonetheless, ghost stories. Come to think of it... it has been quite a while we left amkss. Time really flies, 4 years already. The last world cup , I were having my O levels. Though our JC life was interesting, but our secondary school life was even more exciting. Many events took place, such as our millenium carnival in secondary 2, float competition for National Day in sec 1, Assembly Drama Performance in sec 4, etc etc...really bond all of us together. Up till today, we are still meeting up, and much more shocking news are still happening around us.

I guess I will be living in darkness without these guys around. The song sang by Singapore Idol wannabe , Jonathan... IF YOU'RE GONE... really reflects my feelings to all these important friends who grown up together with me through the years.

After that, suhui send most of us home, err...but shuting and daniel goh had to take their own transport as the car has limited no. of seats. Lol... thanks to suhui who send me all the way home.

I must say, friends are truly my assets in my life, and thanks to all of them!

Launch of New Blog!

Hi pEepz! I hereby declare the launch of Kevin's New Blog...