Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Another Blogger Caught

Was reading the papers today, and realised another blogger caught for uploading jesus caricatures. He never thought that he would be caught one day. Unfortunately, he's only 21 this year, and waiting to be admitted into the local university. What's up with our society these days? Democratic? Freedom of speech? I doubt.

Ironically, if blogs were meant to be a personal issue, why does the government want to indulge into our privacy? The reason why more and more singaporeans are blogging, its because we have no freedom of speech! The only way to relieve ourselves, is by means of blogging! Stress is definitely the key reason to blogging. No wonder the papers also said that Singapore will soon become the next largest ageing population after Japan. Because the stress level in singapore is driving us crazy! All can't produce babies due to hormones imbalance?

No doubt that the blogger was wrong, but I also sympathise him, for he is so young, and his act was totally meant to be entertaining to his few readers, sad to say, many complain about his particular entry.

Aye, just hope that he will not be punished severely...or else we will have one more bloggers down, and less blog to read and keep ourseleves entertained!

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