Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Monday Blues...

I guess I'm suffering from Monday Blues, though looking at the time now, its already tuesday morning. Took 1/2 day leave today, but I guess wasn't that worthwhile afterall. Was so tired that I fall asleep, woke up, but I'm still tired, whats wrong with me?

Anyway, just wanna share with you guys what I found on the web, www.myheritage.com.
I was so amused by what I did, and actually upload a few pictures until I'm finally content with the results...lol.

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The green box represents me... haha, stephen chow? Blue is weiliang, leslie chung sia, orange box is shuyi, choi ji-woo? I guess some korean celeb, find her familiar..but not her name. Paisay, I'm not an hardcore jap-ster or kor-ster...
And the ultimate... kenneth! Yellow box...hha, ehh.. jay zhou? Lol... up to you all to decide!

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