Sunday, July 30, 2006

4/1 Gathering

Attended 4/1 Gathering at Hongsheng's house yesterday. Luckily most of them were still there, reached sheng's hse around 10.30pm, due to NDP'06. Notice some changes, xueling slimmed down, Huiteng become more open, dye hair somemore. David has more hair than he usually has, and weekee has braces. The rest, not much diff lah. Haha.

Was quite disappointed when I know some people were not there. People like melissa,cheryl,gina,waifu,glen,weiyu,mark are all I hoped to see. Let's hope will see them soon!

I must say sheng's driving skill is really bad, but thanks for sending us all the way to YCK MRT. He drove too fast lah, went home, still got the sheng's DAYtona withdrawal syndrome. Felt like vomitting sia. Haha, but must thank hongsheng for organising this gathering, though many were not here, but still, I bet they enjoyed themselves. They? Ya, I just went to show face lah, cause I reached there less than 1 hr, and I left. Or else Hongsheng will say i BANG SEH lor..haha.

Anyway, kudos to all who make 4/1 gathering a success! For the rest, I hoped to see you soon around , or maybe drop me a tag to let me know how are you! Take care all!


Thanks to Qianhui, I got a chance to attend NDP'06 preview this year! As part of his SMU community involvement program, he's doing ushering duties for NDP'06. Qianhui is one of my army friends, disrupting on August 20 for his SMU studies, haiz another good friend gone.

Here's Qianhui in action! Was together with zhengwei at the ndp. Wanted to ask along shuyi/shuting or daniel goh, but all of them got something on, so ask zhengwei instead, luckily someone willing to go, haHA, to help fulfil my wish! Wanted to attend this year NDP because its the last year to be held in National Stadium, on top of that, many of my friends covering duties and at the same time, performing as well. But sianz leh, other than Junquan and Qianhui, I couldn't find anyone at all.

Junquan in action! Haha, another army friend of mine, same as Qh, disrupting for SMU studies in August. Wish them all the best man. Was really crowded all the way until I reached the spectators stand. It was really a sense of achievement to squeeze through everyone. By the time we reached the spectators stand, both zw and I were not only tired, but also feeling sweaty and sticky as well.

Zhengwei and me at the NDP'06!
Felt quite lucky, as this is the last time NDP'06 will be held at National Stadium. The next one will be held at Marina, whereby the platform will be set up floating on the river. It will be organised by COMBAT ENGINEERS! NDP'07 office has already been set up and alot of discussion and works has already been done. Dunno fortunate anot, by then, I would have ORD-ED, unable to witness this big event together with my BOSSES and fellow engineers.Actually, have taken alot of pictures , but can't possibly put all of them up. This entry I actually took 2 days to complete it, and I have actually done an NDP'06 slideshow, but its 60+ mb, I've been trying to upload to youtube, but it always get stuck at 50+%. Tried 3 times, still fail, getting irritated liao. So, I will try to upload the video some other day perhaps. Meanwhile, more photos to share!

Monday, July 24, 2006

My EQ level = 0?

I'm getting more and more fed-up nowadays, wonder if the hot weather is the reason for this.

What's the biggest threat human can do? His Mouth. I realised the most lethal weapon in the world is Human Mouth. Rumours spread fast and I raise my both hands to show my utmost agreement. I just hate it when I'm wrongly accused . What makes me most depressed is that one who knows you better can actually believe the rumour.

I'm so pissed and irritated.

Just need a break .


I mean,

A long break.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy week

Last week was a busy week. BARAT TIMOR 2006, a mini marathon that was organised by our unit. Lots of preparations was done , and finally yesterday was the big day. Stay overnight in my office, and woke up at 4.00am. Different units arrived, which includes commando and infantry units as well. I was doing with the registration for VIPs, and saw many COLs and LTCs, and definitely there are some trouble-makers , luckily my Mdms manage to deal with them.

Was waiting for the arrival of Chief Of Army, MG DESMOND QUEK, surprisingly, I wasn't that nervous at all. I told myself to be calm and cool. So when he arrived, I gave a broad smile and greeted, "Morning Sir." He smiled to me! Wah, for the first time, I was only 1cm away from COA. Following behind him was Chief Engineer Officer, but, eh, I never greet him leh, he turned and looked at me, "Good Morning." Eh.. i was stunned, but just smiled back to him .

Everything was fine yesterday, phew, luckily. Of course everything wasn't perfect, there were some flaws, but at least we managed to settle it.

This Barat Timor Run serve as a preview of the upcoming Army Half Marathon to us. Wonder if we can do a better job , despite a larger crowd and bigger location.

Army , not only a place where you developed your brawns, but your brains as well.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Outcamp Run At Esplanade

Battalion Run today at Esplanade Area. I haven been running for ages, as I'm a clerk, and only know how to slack in office . After the run, felt extremely refreshed , and I'm thinking of planning to jog regularly again! But action speaks louder than words, I doubt the credibility of my words though.

After that, our OC ,okay, for the girls, in laymen terms, the boss of my company, brought us around Padang Area. 27 Aug 06 will be the Army Half Marathon, and our formation will be the organising formation. So on my way, I took some pictures to kill my boredom.

The economy of Spore depends on them!

Singapore First Casino, Integrated Resort in the Making

Padang Area... this will be the finishing pt of Army Half Marathon

Celebrated Jianwen's birthday today after the run , together with zhengwei, glen, shaun low, shawn weng, ying qin, eugene and aloysius. We call it the Ass-es Gathering. Let me briefly explain..maybe the guys will get it better. Zhengwei and me from S1 dept, Shawn weng,ying qin and aloysius from S4 dept, Glen,eugene,shawn low,jianwen from S3 dept..we are under Battalion HQ, a.k.a S-es Department, and it sound the same as Ass-es department, so Ya.

Anyway, Jianwen's birthday is actually 2 days later. But since we got the chance, celebrated for him in advance, as the battalion was granted 1/2 day off today . It is a rare opportunity that we can gather together, irregardless of our ranks , cos some of them are sergeants, and shawn low is an officer. It feels more relax definitely than to celebrate birthday in camp.

Glen and Jianwen the birthday Boy

We force Glen to give Jianwen a Kiss, and Jianwen decided to resort to violence...haHa

A very disorganised photo at Thai Express.

(Clockwise) Yingqin,Shaun Low, Glen, JianWen, Myself, Zhengwei, Aloysius, Shawn Weng.

Went to watch this show, Recycle, (GUI YU). Well, it supposed to be a horror movie, but most of the time I was laughing with shaun and zhengwei, some of the ghost look quite comical to me. There's some moral values in this show, but the ending is totally no link at all! As usual, the music and the sudden appearance of the ghost occasionally scare the hell out of us, despite we are the garang warriors of the SAF! hAHA, we are humans too. Lolx.

Anyway, back to camp tml again, and everything will be back to norm. ArHH..doesn't it sounds abit like cinderella? Aye, sianz.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Saturday

It's actually another normal saturday, but i just feel that this morning i woke up with a different feeling. Feeling fresh, feel like going to gym to pump up... (but lazy..) hAha. I've no idea why am I feeling that way. Opened up all the windows, and door, to let the fresh air enter my room. Drank don't know how many litres of water to detox myself, and I have the urge to drink more. Feel like writing lyrics for zhixiang 4th song. Listening to class 95Fm, and realise something funny. I think the deejay forget to off her mike, and said something like ," Wah , freak (or fuck), why he write until like tat..." Lol, sound kinda comical.

Today is my pay day, looking at the rise in figures..hiak hiak, shIok ah! By the way, i still have 2 more days to 8 more mths left in army!

Looking back at my BMTC a.k.a Tekong days,(above pic), which is like 1 year and 4 mths ago, wow, life maybe miserable, but yet I'm blessed with joys and laughters especially with my Buddies around.

Friday, July 07, 2006


I'm so pissed today. I'm so angry. I'm so dulan. Fuck. I ... Today is just simply not my day. ARGGGGGGG... I will prove all of you wrong, KianHuat is going to be someone, one day. Don't look down on me. ANYMORE!