Sunday, July 30, 2006

4/1 Gathering

Attended 4/1 Gathering at Hongsheng's house yesterday. Luckily most of them were still there, reached sheng's hse around 10.30pm, due to NDP'06. Notice some changes, xueling slimmed down, Huiteng become more open, dye hair somemore. David has more hair than he usually has, and weekee has braces. The rest, not much diff lah. Haha.

Was quite disappointed when I know some people were not there. People like melissa,cheryl,gina,waifu,glen,weiyu,mark are all I hoped to see. Let's hope will see them soon!

I must say sheng's driving skill is really bad, but thanks for sending us all the way to YCK MRT. He drove too fast lah, went home, still got the sheng's DAYtona withdrawal syndrome. Felt like vomitting sia. Haha, but must thank hongsheng for organising this gathering, though many were not here, but still, I bet they enjoyed themselves. They? Ya, I just went to show face lah, cause I reached there less than 1 hr, and I left. Or else Hongsheng will say i BANG SEH lor..haha.

Anyway, kudos to all who make 4/1 gathering a success! For the rest, I hoped to see you soon around , or maybe drop me a tag to let me know how are you! Take care all!

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