Saturday, July 08, 2006

Another Saturday

It's actually another normal saturday, but i just feel that this morning i woke up with a different feeling. Feeling fresh, feel like going to gym to pump up... (but lazy..) hAha. I've no idea why am I feeling that way. Opened up all the windows, and door, to let the fresh air enter my room. Drank don't know how many litres of water to detox myself, and I have the urge to drink more. Feel like writing lyrics for zhixiang 4th song. Listening to class 95Fm, and realise something funny. I think the deejay forget to off her mike, and said something like ," Wah , freak (or fuck), why he write until like tat..." Lol, sound kinda comical.

Today is my pay day, looking at the rise in figures..hiak hiak, shIok ah! By the way, i still have 2 more days to 8 more mths left in army!

Looking back at my BMTC a.k.a Tekong days,(above pic), which is like 1 year and 4 mths ago, wow, life maybe miserable, but yet I'm blessed with joys and laughters especially with my Buddies around.

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