Saturday, July 22, 2006

Busy week

Last week was a busy week. BARAT TIMOR 2006, a mini marathon that was organised by our unit. Lots of preparations was done , and finally yesterday was the big day. Stay overnight in my office, and woke up at 4.00am. Different units arrived, which includes commando and infantry units as well. I was doing with the registration for VIPs, and saw many COLs and LTCs, and definitely there are some trouble-makers , luckily my Mdms manage to deal with them.

Was waiting for the arrival of Chief Of Army, MG DESMOND QUEK, surprisingly, I wasn't that nervous at all. I told myself to be calm and cool. So when he arrived, I gave a broad smile and greeted, "Morning Sir." He smiled to me! Wah, for the first time, I was only 1cm away from COA. Following behind him was Chief Engineer Officer, but, eh, I never greet him leh, he turned and looked at me, "Good Morning." Eh.. i was stunned, but just smiled back to him .

Everything was fine yesterday, phew, luckily. Of course everything wasn't perfect, there were some flaws, but at least we managed to settle it.

This Barat Timor Run serve as a preview of the upcoming Army Half Marathon to us. Wonder if we can do a better job , despite a larger crowd and bigger location.

Army , not only a place where you developed your brawns, but your brains as well.

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