Sunday, July 30, 2006


Thanks to Qianhui, I got a chance to attend NDP'06 preview this year! As part of his SMU community involvement program, he's doing ushering duties for NDP'06. Qianhui is one of my army friends, disrupting on August 20 for his SMU studies, haiz another good friend gone.

Here's Qianhui in action! Was together with zhengwei at the ndp. Wanted to ask along shuyi/shuting or daniel goh, but all of them got something on, so ask zhengwei instead, luckily someone willing to go, haHA, to help fulfil my wish! Wanted to attend this year NDP because its the last year to be held in National Stadium, on top of that, many of my friends covering duties and at the same time, performing as well. But sianz leh, other than Junquan and Qianhui, I couldn't find anyone at all.

Junquan in action! Haha, another army friend of mine, same as Qh, disrupting for SMU studies in August. Wish them all the best man. Was really crowded all the way until I reached the spectators stand. It was really a sense of achievement to squeeze through everyone. By the time we reached the spectators stand, both zw and I were not only tired, but also feeling sweaty and sticky as well.

Zhengwei and me at the NDP'06!
Felt quite lucky, as this is the last time NDP'06 will be held at National Stadium. The next one will be held at Marina, whereby the platform will be set up floating on the river. It will be organised by COMBAT ENGINEERS! NDP'07 office has already been set up and alot of discussion and works has already been done. Dunno fortunate anot, by then, I would have ORD-ED, unable to witness this big event together with my BOSSES and fellow engineers.Actually, have taken alot of pictures , but can't possibly put all of them up. This entry I actually took 2 days to complete it, and I have actually done an NDP'06 slideshow, but its 60+ mb, I've been trying to upload to youtube, but it always get stuck at 50+%. Tried 3 times, still fail, getting irritated liao. So, I will try to upload the video some other day perhaps. Meanwhile, more photos to share!

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