Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Outcamp Run At Esplanade

Battalion Run today at Esplanade Area. I haven been running for ages, as I'm a clerk, and only know how to slack in office . After the run, felt extremely refreshed , and I'm thinking of planning to jog regularly again! But action speaks louder than words, I doubt the credibility of my words though.

After that, our OC ,okay, for the girls, in laymen terms, the boss of my company, brought us around Padang Area. 27 Aug 06 will be the Army Half Marathon, and our formation will be the organising formation. So on my way, I took some pictures to kill my boredom.

The economy of Spore depends on them!

Singapore First Casino, Integrated Resort in the Making

Padang Area... this will be the finishing pt of Army Half Marathon

Celebrated Jianwen's birthday today after the run , together with zhengwei, glen, shaun low, shawn weng, ying qin, eugene and aloysius. We call it the Ass-es Gathering. Let me briefly explain..maybe the guys will get it better. Zhengwei and me from S1 dept, Shawn weng,ying qin and aloysius from S4 dept, Glen,eugene,shawn low,jianwen from S3 dept..we are under Battalion HQ, a.k.a S-es Department, and it sound the same as Ass-es department, so Ya.

Anyway, Jianwen's birthday is actually 2 days later. But since we got the chance, celebrated for him in advance, as the battalion was granted 1/2 day off today . It is a rare opportunity that we can gather together, irregardless of our ranks , cos some of them are sergeants, and shawn low is an officer. It feels more relax definitely than to celebrate birthday in camp.

Glen and Jianwen the birthday Boy

We force Glen to give Jianwen a Kiss, and Jianwen decided to resort to violence...haHa

A very disorganised photo at Thai Express.

(Clockwise) Yingqin,Shaun Low, Glen, JianWen, Myself, Zhengwei, Aloysius, Shawn Weng.

Went to watch this show, Recycle, (GUI YU). Well, it supposed to be a horror movie, but most of the time I was laughing with shaun and zhengwei, some of the ghost look quite comical to me. There's some moral values in this show, but the ending is totally no link at all! As usual, the music and the sudden appearance of the ghost occasionally scare the hell out of us, despite we are the garang warriors of the SAF! hAHA, we are humans too. Lolx.

Anyway, back to camp tml again, and everything will be back to norm. ArHH..doesn't it sounds abit like cinderella? Aye, sianz.

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