Sunday, August 27, 2006


Finally, AHM'06 is over.

Extremely energy consuming, and it is also a test of your endurance and EQ level as well.

The word "FUCK" just blurted out from my mouth unknowingly, and had created some tensions and problems for myself. Some spec actually complained to my DYS1 that I had attitude problem. I'm just upholding justice, glad that my Dys1 and S1 clerks understand my situation. Anyway, thanks you guys for your fullest support.

Like what I've said, we were treated like 2nd class citizens. Or I would rather termed ourselves as the lost souls. We were attached to Plant Platoon , however, throughout the entire AHM'06, we were being discriminated.

Yesterday in the late evening, S1, S4, and signal dept were singled out from the rest of the plant platoon. At first we were being called to fall in as a HQ company, but later Plant Platoon Sergeant requested the attached dept to fall in separately. The reason? He wanted us to do guard duties. His explanation:" To be fair, my guys had work harder, so you guys will take turn to guard the whole area. 7-9 and 9-11, any objections? " Of course everyone was unhappy. How can he make such a comment? So he happily let his guys go for dinner and nites off! Like what I've said in my previous blog, no one will know what we had been doing, because, we were just the backstage workers of the battalion. Had to take some time to console some of the clerks , though I were feeling very frustrated too.

Zhiqun, dekai, Morris, and myself decided to go on a hunger strike.

At the same time, we also felt that no point asking so many people to stay around to guard the whole area. Thus, we volunteered to do sentries from 7-11pm. After I complained to hongsheng on the phone, the signal officer could have overheard me, as he told us Plant platoon is working as well, and they divided into shifts system too. But that wasn't the case. They only worked until 8 plus, and ALL OF THEM came back at 11pm. Unfair treatment!

Anyway, our Dys1, Yiwei, actually bought pizza for us. Was very grateful to him. Haha, actually we were indeed quite hungry, so we give in lah, he wanted to treat us, but we paid him back in the end.

Later in the nite, Yiwei,Zhiqun,Morris, Zheng An and myself wanted to recee the area. But Zhiqun and me saw jianwen and joel, so in the end we separated from the original group. Haha, because we had the Operation Lausai. Jianwen was having diahorrea, and the worst thing was that only 2-3 mobile toilets were opened. The toilets can't be flushed somemore. So we ran around. First we went to esplanade-locked. Next, ran to esplanade carpark- no toilet. Then ran to Cityhall mrt- locked. The final solution, Swiss Hotel- no toilet. But there's an entrance into Raffles city. So we finally found a toilet for Jianwen to release himself. After jianwen came out, joel also felt uncomfortable too, so he went on to shit as well. We were actually chased out by the security guard. Haha, funny ah, trying to search for toilets at around 2am. But I guessed that's what friends are for. Really hoped that it helped Jianwen .

Didn't sleep in the end. Was walking around with zhiqun. Our bag deposit section get into operation as early as 3.20am. The first runner was V8018. All of us betted on that number, but too bad lah, didn't appear in today's 4D. Bag deposit was still okay. But in the end, the Plant Guys all disappear and went to sleep. My S1 fellow clerks also can't stand the Z-monster, and went to the tentage to sleep as well. In the end, they left me alone at the counter! At first was quite angry lah, but haiz, nvm lah. But seriously, at that moment around 6plus am, I really wanted to give up, cause I seriously can't take it already. The first bag retrival came around 07 00 hrs. All of them were being activated again for bag retrival.

Bag retrival was like fighting a war! All of us was shouting for numbers, banging onto each other, and I actually ran at fast speed, and bang onto a metal pillar! Even all the officers and sergeant Majors came into action and helped us as well! The queue was super long, and some people from armceg who were supposed to be our helpers, took their own sweet time to search for the bag. We had to run around, and actually searched the bag by ourselves. So basically, all the S1 clerks and 5 plant guys were runners, and we had to run in and out. And I seriously think there were a lack of manpower for the runners. Thus they asked alot of officers and plant specs to help us out as well. You just have to shout and be fast . This is the time which my temper rose to the highest, as my adrenaline rush to my heart. I could hear my own heartbeat, and it pumps faster when I saw the helpers take their own sweet time. This was the time my 4 letter word, "fuck" came shooting around, and result in some conflict b/w this 3SG and myself. But I won the war in the end... ! =P

By around 10plus, the crowds dispersed , and we could finally take a break. It wasn't easy, and everytime when I raised my head, I would see the never ending queue. It just starts forming and continuing.

We were made to wait all the way until 12pm . Just when I thought everything was over, Plant Platoon PS again singled out S1-S4, signal dept again. We were asked to load up 44 metal barricates at St Andrew Cathedral, and unload 80 metal barricates at East Coast. The scorching sun melts my carbohydrates, but we just had to tell ourselves, endure! Yes, the plant platoon? Oh, they only need to load some stores, and load up metal barricates.

By the time we came back from east coast, they were all sitting at the tentage waiting for our arrival. But too bad, our OC had actually fall us out and gave us the priviledge to book in by 08 00 hrs the next day. As for the plant guys, they had to wait for further instructions and sit like a wooden block at the tentage.

Sorry guys, I guessed I've been complaining alot recently, kk... some photos for those who were more pictured-orientated!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
My S1 Dept !
2nd row (Zheng An, Zhiqun, Morris, Me)
1st row ( Alex, Yiwei, Dekai)

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The process...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Finishing soon

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Some of the signals guys, and some jabalang people. Guess everyone is tired.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Getting ready for stores to be unloaded

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The plant specs- MingXiong and JianKai

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Alvin and myself

Friday, August 25, 2006

AHM'06 - complaints is the language of the victims

Complaints is the language of the victims, quoted this phrase from Aaron, really agree with him.

Everyone is busy with AHM last min preparations today. Under the hot scorching sun, working hand in hand, grumbling till the end. Though I was sitting in the office, typing my BRO, helping my Mdm little bit with her VIP managements,helping SGT THAM for his AHM Bn Orbat, helping yilong to be revocated,sending course nominations, rushing for shameer's full pay unrecorded leave, etc, but I could still feel the tension in the battalion.

I will be gladly oblige to do this, if i were being paid highly. Just like few years ago, working as an event co-ordinator, it was tiring and energy consuming, but definitely a fruitful experience for me. In addition, every hour, I could mentally calculate how much I earned. But for AHM'06, it is not only tiring and energy consuming, but on top of that, it is a waste of time too. I guess I'm not going to go in depth about the organization, or my blog maybe published in the newspaper one day.

One thing I will raise my both hands and legs to agree : As the chinese says, a ten year preparation is just for a ten minute event. 650+ people, 1300+ hands, uncountable drops of sweats, is just for a 3-4 hour event. Ladies and gentlemen, as you run, please think of us, please treasure all our hardwork.

I'm damn pissed off when I heard one of the Plant Specs said, " Aiya, you all only slack, we all work so hard, wa laoz eh..."

I need to clarify something : First of all, S1 dept were the frontline warriors for AHM'06. We handled the entire SAF registration forms and thousands of money, and handled uncountable complaints, as early as July. But where were you guys? Sleeping in the bunk? Eating in canteen? Tekan-ing your soldiers?

We stayed up as late as 9pm to count the money, but where were you guys? Booked out? Enjoying your precious time with your family and friends?

Our efforts was not being recognized, and yet, we were being called down for 2nd task, to go down for distribution of goodie bags to the public. Here, we are being treated like 2nd Class Citizens, obeying every single instructions , and at the end of the day , just a " well done guys, thank you."

Now, we are being called to go down for bag deposits tasking. At the same time, there are people out there who doubt our efforts contributed to the AHM.

I hoped these people out there can create some sense in them. Think before you talk. Bunch of morons .

Everyone is contributing to the AHM, not only you guys. If you think by setting up the bag deposit area , and carrying some stores is a VERY VERY important task, then you are wrong. Everyone is important to the AHM'06. I repeat: EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT TO THE AHM'06.

I'm sorry that I actually venge my anger and complaint on my blog, just wanna release
my anger , I can't take it anymore. And if anyone who reads my blog, and disagree with what I say, you can stir shit and tell the Plant Guys by all means.

Anyway, I saw Zhixiang today in my camp. He drove his Manpower officer for some AHM matters. Haha, he droved my around , as I seriously need to do some despatch to Camp Admin Center(CAC). Thanks bro, hope to see you around soon.

AHM'06...haiz. Will be going down to Padang area at 2pm tml...and work all the way overnight, until 12pm the next afternoon. I wonder if my heart and soul will coordinate by then, sianz.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Army Half Marathon(AHM) '06 preparations

Last sat and sun was totally burnt, due to AHM'06 preparations. Was at Toa Payoh Safra giving out goodie bags to the public. They called it the 'RACE EXPO" .

Actually, I enjoy keeping myself busy and occupied most of the time. Though my task was actually much more tiring than most of the others, but it sort of makes me feel the importance of myself(haha!). I was termed as the "counter assistant" . The person at the counter will tell me what tag no. and shirt size , and we will go to the back, and search for the tag no. There are different tags, namely, C1234, WN123, WV123, N1234 ,V1234, WC123. They mean closed, women's open, women's veteran, open, veteran, women closed category respectively.

There are around 5 person manning each tag station, so when we went to shout out the number, 5 person will search together, in order to give us the tag in the shortest time. Shirts are flying around, cos there are different people manning different sizes, you just have to shout out the sizes, and they will throw it to you. Many times, the t-shirt just smack my face lah. We were expected to get everything done as fast as possible. CPT TOH actually timed one of the counter, and they actually took around 3 min plus to get the things done. Of course he wasn't very happy lah. My partner actually expect me to get it done within 10 secs...siao lor. It was tiring lah, imagine 1st day I served 302 customers, and 2nd day around 250 plus. So have to run around, and shout it out loud...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Some photos taken ...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The backstage...where we have to get our Tag Nos...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
The tag nos...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
People trying on their AHM shirt

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
At the counter. Total of 12 counters set up.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Working in backview.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Me and the few disruptees who came back from university.

Haiz, this coming sunday will be the real thing. Will be doing bag deposits. Hopefully everything goes on smoothly ! All the best for ARMY HALF MARATHON 2006!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ayez...Tired of NS life.

Ayez, as my topic suggests, I'm sick and tired of NS life! But I still have 7 more months to go...

I think I'm kinda affected by this PERSON XXX , he told me he's tired of NS, and so do I! Don't worry, you are not alone! But you going to ORD, aye...I'm the only left on the battle ground.

Recently, just feel that I'm not being myself. Have been committing alot of tiny mistakes, and my Mdm will always give that "haiz... what to do, what can I say? " face, just feel kinda dejected and demoralised .

I guess I'm kind of distracted , and less focused nowadays. Everyday I finished work, I tend to worry about my job, did I clear my emails? Did I follow up emails? Did I send for course nomination? Is there any late leave approval? What if audit comes, and realised alot of leave and course admin lapse?

Haiz, then I will become the victim...aye. Why am I so paranoid ?

I use to like my job so much, I use to anticipate the challenges I will encounter the next day,but now...

I dread going back to camp, I'm afraid of picking up new challenges, I'm afraid of getting scoldings and naggings from my Mdm...

The motivation and courage is not there anymore.

Yes, I admit, I'm exhausted...feel like raising up the white flag and wave at my MDM now..." I surrender !"

Aye, what is happening to me , NS SUX!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Photo Speaks a thousand words...

Was on leave today, guess I was simply too tired, I spent my day sleeping, feeling kind of energetic now.

Decided to upload some pics for your entertainment, heehee.

Vertical Marathon on 3/8/06, to celebrate my Unit 36TH Anniversary. Was held at Suntec Tower 4, hmm, but I didn't climb that 45th storey, was the working party for that event. Basically, I just had to stand there and shout out the number tags of the participant. At the end of the event, my voice was already coarse, luckily water point was just beside me, and water was readily available for me. Each of us were given crocodile plush toy, as crocodile is the symbol and mascot of our Unit, as it was believed that crocodiles tend to "advance and overcome", which is the slogan of our unit. We were also presented with Glass chess sets.

Some photos here, credits to Alvin!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The crocodile was thrown away in the end, what a waste.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Suntec Tower 4 summit, 45 storey building..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Battalion HQ unites! Argg, I'm the odd one out, one LCP standing in the middle of all the 3rd Sergeants.
From Left : Zhengwei, Alvin, Me, Joel, Eugene

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Our eh? HAha.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Alvin called that a Poser Shot...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I wanted to take another without specs..but looked kinda wierd!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Zhengwei Kena Pinned Down!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Trying to do me, i wasn't sitting on that object, was trying to keep both my legs off the ground..ahha!

More photos on National Day...

Spend my National Day with my primary school friends, Grace and Eebing. 12 yEars of friendship, and its still going. Damn long never see them, and never did I realise, until eebing told me, I had actually missed our primary school gathering for 2 times. So i guessed I had not seen most of my pri friends for as long as 2 years liao.

We went to Swensen to enjoy fries and earth quake, and Fried mushrooms as well. Then later went to Apple Ritz Strudel to have ham and mushroom pasta, tiramisu, strawberry strudel, chocolate cream puffs, chicken wings.. and haha, later Ee bing went to this had one cup of bandong ice cream. We really ate like a pig on national day, but luckily we share it among 3 of us, and guess the calories are equally divided too!

Ee bing took some pics for me, here you go~

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Eebing purposely took this not because of me... but of the Singapore Flag Behind me..

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

More Singapore Flags, hehehe, was trying to balance myself , at my void deck playground...

A picture speaks a thousand words, I'm lazy to type lah, haha...

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Was browsing through the papers...

I have been gyming lately, and now suffering from muscle sorness... but this feeling is shiok! Yoo hoo, my muscles are growing!

Anyway, exercising really reduces stress, feeling better and more relax , so exercise is the key to unlock problems and stress!

Yup, as my topic suggests, I was looking through the straits times today, and I guess this piece of news will drive fellow army guys to feel alittle injustice.

There is this musically-inclined ,17-year old, who succeeded in deferring NS, for overseas studies. However, that wasn't easy. His application was being turned down by Mindef for 2 times, and he finally reached his goal after the 3rd try. However, there was a trade-off. His parents had to pay an estimated sum of $75,000 bond.

Yeh, similar to many of you out there, my first reaction was, "wah laoz! "

Actually, I wouldn't have such a big reaction if it was a normal application. But it involved money transaction, I just feel Singapore isn't that "equality" after all.

This move only benefits the minority. Few can fork up such a heavy bond. I guessed my Mother and myself have to sell our flat in order to get that amount.

So these white horses can "Escape" from NS, and for the other pathetic souls like us, we have to waste our 2 solid years just like that?!! ArGg.. Its really waste of time, no time to find GF, no time to work=loss of income, no time for self-enrichment, but got time to learn more vulgarities, got time to keng, got time to see more fucked up personnels in SAF, and got time to do more BaGala Workers Task, like dig drains, wash toilets, serve other people breakfast, etc etc...

Nvm... I will now take in 3 deep breaths, and tell myself, 7 more months to O.R.D! The more i think about my NS life, the more angry I will get when PERSON A appears in my mind!

Friday, August 04, 2006

Office Politics

Aye, looking through Kailun blog, noticed that she is suffering from office politics. Guess such politics can't be avoided. I realised I'm able to give Kailun advise, yet I can't save myself . Kailun is more fortunate than me as she can tender her resignation at any moment. However, I'm bonded and trapped tightly under the Singapore Government Law, and I can't escape from National Service!

I really can't stand this Person A in my office, forever nagging and nagging, and creating a big fuss out of nothing. I'm just waiting for him to O.R.D, in 3 months time! I'm feeling very very depressed now. I want to uphold office harmony, and had advised my colleagues to compromise him, so as to work harmoniously and to avoid unnecessary arguments.

But on the other hand, I'm so pissed and angry with whatever he did. I can't complained to anyone in the office, as I'm afraid the tension will worsen.

I was browsing through IMH website yesterday, and was thinking of booking an appointment with one of the counsellors. Haiz, I wonder what's with me, I'm not sure can I endure and tolerate for another 3 more months. My raging temper is like the volcano right now, going to erupt at any moment...


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Good Old Days

Wanping Msg me in the afternoon for a prata session. Without any hesitation, I replied, sure, okay! Its been after some time we can sit down to have a chat. Of course, I expected Guijin will be coming. Initially wanted to go to Jalan Kayu, but it's expensive and small oso. So suggested my hse prata house. Glad to see both wanping and guijin, both haven't changed much. As usual, I'm the M16-Rifle , who spoke non-stop, and they are the sponges to absorb as much as possible. Haha, I'm glad that I actually entertained them .

After that, Wanping drove us to my house void deck . We chatted for quite a while, and I actually shared with them my problems in life. I'm glad that they really listened to me . Was talking to them about some mature thoughts, like starting a family, career, etc. I guessed we have really grown up. Life isn't the same anymore, and topics we chatted are filled with more content.

Some may think that we are only 20 this year, why bother so much about things that happen in years to come? But I guess fun aside, some serious planning need to be done, or else we will just remain stationary at the same spot. We need to use our own hands to pull out the anchor from the seabed, so as to let the boat to move forward. The boat symbolises our life, and the anchor represents our hesitation. Our fate lies in our hands, and let your hands control your life.

Your capability determines your success, not otherwise.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that Wanping and Guijin are able to turn up today. Realised I share different stuffs with diffent cliques , and my different cliques know a different side of me. No doubt the greatest assets in your life is your family, but friends are important as well. If the pillars represents my family, then my friends will be the strong cement which supports me at all times. Both are equally critical to me, and without them, I will not be what I am today.