Friday, August 25, 2006

AHM'06 - complaints is the language of the victims

Complaints is the language of the victims, quoted this phrase from Aaron, really agree with him.

Everyone is busy with AHM last min preparations today. Under the hot scorching sun, working hand in hand, grumbling till the end. Though I was sitting in the office, typing my BRO, helping my Mdm little bit with her VIP managements,helping SGT THAM for his AHM Bn Orbat, helping yilong to be revocated,sending course nominations, rushing for shameer's full pay unrecorded leave, etc, but I could still feel the tension in the battalion.

I will be gladly oblige to do this, if i were being paid highly. Just like few years ago, working as an event co-ordinator, it was tiring and energy consuming, but definitely a fruitful experience for me. In addition, every hour, I could mentally calculate how much I earned. But for AHM'06, it is not only tiring and energy consuming, but on top of that, it is a waste of time too. I guess I'm not going to go in depth about the organization, or my blog maybe published in the newspaper one day.

One thing I will raise my both hands and legs to agree : As the chinese says, a ten year preparation is just for a ten minute event. 650+ people, 1300+ hands, uncountable drops of sweats, is just for a 3-4 hour event. Ladies and gentlemen, as you run, please think of us, please treasure all our hardwork.

I'm damn pissed off when I heard one of the Plant Specs said, " Aiya, you all only slack, we all work so hard, wa laoz eh..."

I need to clarify something : First of all, S1 dept were the frontline warriors for AHM'06. We handled the entire SAF registration forms and thousands of money, and handled uncountable complaints, as early as July. But where were you guys? Sleeping in the bunk? Eating in canteen? Tekan-ing your soldiers?

We stayed up as late as 9pm to count the money, but where were you guys? Booked out? Enjoying your precious time with your family and friends?

Our efforts was not being recognized, and yet, we were being called down for 2nd task, to go down for distribution of goodie bags to the public. Here, we are being treated like 2nd Class Citizens, obeying every single instructions , and at the end of the day , just a " well done guys, thank you."

Now, we are being called to go down for bag deposits tasking. At the same time, there are people out there who doubt our efforts contributed to the AHM.

I hoped these people out there can create some sense in them. Think before you talk. Bunch of morons .

Everyone is contributing to the AHM, not only you guys. If you think by setting up the bag deposit area , and carrying some stores is a VERY VERY important task, then you are wrong. Everyone is important to the AHM'06. I repeat: EVERYONE IS IMPORTANT TO THE AHM'06.

I'm sorry that I actually venge my anger and complaint on my blog, just wanna release
my anger , I can't take it anymore. And if anyone who reads my blog, and disagree with what I say, you can stir shit and tell the Plant Guys by all means.

Anyway, I saw Zhixiang today in my camp. He drove his Manpower officer for some AHM matters. Haha, he droved my around , as I seriously need to do some despatch to Camp Admin Center(CAC). Thanks bro, hope to see you around soon.

AHM'06...haiz. Will be going down to Padang area at 2pm tml...and work all the way overnight, until 12pm the next afternoon. I wonder if my heart and soul will coordinate by then, sianz.

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