Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ayez...Tired of NS life.

Ayez, as my topic suggests, I'm sick and tired of NS life! But I still have 7 more months to go...

I think I'm kinda affected by this PERSON XXX , he told me he's tired of NS, and so do I! Don't worry, you are not alone! But you going to ORD, aye...I'm the only left on the battle ground.

Recently, just feel that I'm not being myself. Have been committing alot of tiny mistakes, and my Mdm will always give that "haiz... what to do, what can I say? " face, just feel kinda dejected and demoralised .

I guess I'm kind of distracted , and less focused nowadays. Everyday I finished work, I tend to worry about my job, did I clear my emails? Did I follow up emails? Did I send for course nomination? Is there any late leave approval? What if audit comes, and realised alot of leave and course admin lapse?

Haiz, then I will become the victim...aye. Why am I so paranoid ?

I use to like my job so much, I use to anticipate the challenges I will encounter the next day,but now...

I dread going back to camp, I'm afraid of picking up new challenges, I'm afraid of getting scoldings and naggings from my Mdm...

The motivation and courage is not there anymore.

Yes, I admit, I'm exhausted...feel like raising up the white flag and wave at my MDM now..." I surrender !"

Aye, what is happening to me , NS SUX!

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