Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Good Old Days

Wanping Msg me in the afternoon for a prata session. Without any hesitation, I replied, sure, okay! Its been after some time we can sit down to have a chat. Of course, I expected Guijin will be coming. Initially wanted to go to Jalan Kayu, but it's expensive and small oso. So suggested my hse prata house. Glad to see both wanping and guijin, both haven't changed much. As usual, I'm the M16-Rifle , who spoke non-stop, and they are the sponges to absorb as much as possible. Haha, I'm glad that I actually entertained them .

After that, Wanping drove us to my house void deck . We chatted for quite a while, and I actually shared with them my problems in life. I'm glad that they really listened to me . Was talking to them about some mature thoughts, like starting a family, career, etc. I guessed we have really grown up. Life isn't the same anymore, and topics we chatted are filled with more content.

Some may think that we are only 20 this year, why bother so much about things that happen in years to come? But I guess fun aside, some serious planning need to be done, or else we will just remain stationary at the same spot. We need to use our own hands to pull out the anchor from the seabed, so as to let the boat to move forward. The boat symbolises our life, and the anchor represents our hesitation. Our fate lies in our hands, and let your hands control your life.

Your capability determines your success, not otherwise.

Whatever it is, I'm glad that Wanping and Guijin are able to turn up today. Realised I share different stuffs with diffent cliques , and my different cliques know a different side of me. No doubt the greatest assets in your life is your family, but friends are important as well. If the pillars represents my family, then my friends will be the strong cement which supports me at all times. Both are equally critical to me, and without them, I will not be what I am today.

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