Saturday, August 05, 2006

Was browsing through the papers...

I have been gyming lately, and now suffering from muscle sorness... but this feeling is shiok! Yoo hoo, my muscles are growing!

Anyway, exercising really reduces stress, feeling better and more relax , so exercise is the key to unlock problems and stress!

Yup, as my topic suggests, I was looking through the straits times today, and I guess this piece of news will drive fellow army guys to feel alittle injustice.

There is this musically-inclined ,17-year old, who succeeded in deferring NS, for overseas studies. However, that wasn't easy. His application was being turned down by Mindef for 2 times, and he finally reached his goal after the 3rd try. However, there was a trade-off. His parents had to pay an estimated sum of $75,000 bond.

Yeh, similar to many of you out there, my first reaction was, "wah laoz! "

Actually, I wouldn't have such a big reaction if it was a normal application. But it involved money transaction, I just feel Singapore isn't that "equality" after all.

This move only benefits the minority. Few can fork up such a heavy bond. I guessed my Mother and myself have to sell our flat in order to get that amount.

So these white horses can "Escape" from NS, and for the other pathetic souls like us, we have to waste our 2 solid years just like that?!! ArGg.. Its really waste of time, no time to find GF, no time to work=loss of income, no time for self-enrichment, but got time to learn more vulgarities, got time to keng, got time to see more fucked up personnels in SAF, and got time to do more BaGala Workers Task, like dig drains, wash toilets, serve other people breakfast, etc etc...

Nvm... I will now take in 3 deep breaths, and tell myself, 7 more months to O.R.D! The more i think about my NS life, the more angry I will get when PERSON A appears in my mind!

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