Monday, September 04, 2006

Another History in Life

Steve Irwin is dead.

The famous crocodile hunter that you saw in TV 12 , was killed by a stingray. According to reports, it was a very rare chance and he's just very unfortunate.

He was only 44.

When jeff told me the news, I couldn't accept the truth.

Maybe you guys maybe wondering why am I so affected. I was stunned. Life is simply unpredictable. You maybe called home by lord the very next second. I'm really afraid of such moments. I don't termed it as a 'surprise', but recognised it as a 'misfortune'.

Sudden deaths creates horror and phychological disorders to many. Steve Irwin can be just a stranger to many of us, but I believe it creates an impact and leave a deep memory.

A new history begins, and I admired Steve Irwin courageous spirit .

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