Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dreams shattered

Maybe my title is abit exaggerating.

16-09-06, the end of my dreams. Got kicked out of Project superstar 2nd round.

Haiz, the judge say I'm like a singing machine, sang too fast. Maybe its a good thing, at least I'm not out at the 3rd round, so my disappointment will not be to a greater extend.

Frankly speaking, I'm disappointed in myself. On top of that, I really want to apologise to my friends out there, cause I disappointed you guys. Though I've expected myself to be out, but at the same time, I do hope to see myself entering the next round too.

I've been telling my friends, I'm okay, I'm fine, but I realise that I'm actually decieving myself. I'm actually forcing myself to take this competition lightly.

Suddenly, there's no goal in my life. My passion for music sank to the bottom, and I just feel very dejected now.

I've totally no idea why I'm feeling this way. Maybe I need sometime to adjust myself, time is the healing factor.

From young, I've never succeeded in anything. Next week, I will be 20 . But seems that my future is blinded by a layer of fog. Yes, I do agree that I give up easily. How I wish my life is like those computer games, which I can restart everything again. If I'm not happy at any point of my life, I can escape and a brand new profile is created. But in reality, its not.

I succumbed to failures. I've already fell down so many times that I've totally forgot how to stand on my own again.

This is the way I deal with life.

I'm just a coward.

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