Sunday, September 17, 2006

Keeping myself Occupied

Melissa tagged me to do this quiz..

Name 20 ppl u can think of at the top of your head. Dun read the below questions before you write and tag 5 ppl to do this survey.

1. Shuyi
2. Melissa
3. Weiliang
4. Kenneth
5. Junwen
6. Hongsheng
7. Cheryl
8. Kailun
9. Shuting
11. Suhui
12. Mindy
13. Chinran
14. Ferry
15. Mark
16. Daniel Goh
17. Daniel Ang
18. Zhixiang
19. Wanping
20. Guijin

How did you meet 14?

Ferry was my secondary school mate. He is a indonesian and came to join our class in sec 2. Still remember initially he went to 2/2, but there were no malay, so he kena transferred to our class. Many think that his name sound like "Fairy", and thought he was so holy. Some thought that he speaks Chinese because of his looks. But he actually speaks bahasan melayu~.

What would you do if you never met 1?

Shuyi. No one will buy cake for my birthday when I was in sec 1. I still remember I told her I made a wish, if anyone were to celebrate my birthday, he/she will be my bestest friend. And it turned out to be true! She shares my joy and sadness, and we also quarrelled before. She is very thoughtful and always instills me with endless laughters and joys.

What would you do if 20 and 9 dated?

Shuting n guijin? It can't be, unless they are lesbians. On top of that, both are already attached.

Did you ever like 19?

Wanping? Nope! But Wanping boyfriend has a mole as big as mine, and at the same position too. I always imagine myself that I look like wenyao. Muahaha..and she will shake her head and broke into laughter!

Would 6 and 17 make a good couple?

Hongsheng and daniel a? Nope, unless they are gays.

Describe 3.

Last time in secondary school, thought he is the typical chao ah beng , small, but like our big brother. Now? HAha, realised he is actually very gu niang.
He is one of my mahjong kaki, and always makes stupid actions and comments which provide us with lots of laughters. If anyone were to trigger his humor genes, he will laugh like he had never laugh before. Very scary. Weiliang is also very superstitious. Always think that wear red colour can win mahjong.

But he can be a good listener too. Any problems just look for him, he will listen and give you constructive comments too.

Do you think 8 is attractive?

Kailun, yes. Definitely. She can sing well, and I always think that she looks like Jolin Tsai. Her studies is cream of the top. On stage, she always give a very confident look . On the other hand, she is kind and gentle too. But too bad , she's already attached!

Tell me something about 7.

Cheryl is a vegetarian. I sat beside her when I was in secondary 2. She can really console people when you are down. She makes a good leader too. She was a counsellor of amkss and nyjc too. She got very big eyes, and very nice voice too. Cheryl is already very slim , but she keeps on tell people she's otherwise. Cheryl is so humble!

Do you know any of 12's family?
Mindy..ya. Bernard, her 2nd brother. He was my understudy back in Citibank, actually, not really. When he came in, I left.. ehh, or I should say, I introduce bernard to citibank.

What's 8's favourite?

Ehh..jolin tsai lor. No..maybe desmond.

What would you do if 11 confesses that he/she likes you?

Wah..suhui? unbelivable, but if that really happens, I will give in all my heart to her!

What language does 15 speak?

Mark..most of the time, english.

Who is 9 going out with?

Shuting. The AJC glen lor.. not amkss glen ah.

How old is 16 now?

D goh..19..going to 20 in 3 mths time.

When was the last time you talked to 13?

Chinran?Haha, yesterday, 160906.

Who's 2 favourite band/singer?

Melissa..ehh, dunno.

Would you date 4?

Ehh..haha. Kenneth? I dated him last friday to buy clothes. Haha.

Would you date 7?

Wah, cheryl..long time no see. If her busy schedule permits, why not?!

Is 15 single?

Ehh..for the moment, ya.

What's 10's last name?

Sharmen Lim..full name, sharmen lim jun kuan!

Would you ever be in a serious relationship with 18?

Zhixiang? Choy, I'm straight. But we are good music buddies!

Which school does 3 go to?

Weiliang's Pri school was jingsan, then ang mo kio sec, next was temasek poly.

Whats your favourite thing about 5?

Junwen. He's quiet. Just tell him your secrets if you can't find anyone to share. He will keep it for life. Next, his carefree character. One with no problems in life, happy-go-lucky kind.

Have you seen no.1 naked?

Shuyi ? Ehh, pls. No.

Tagged 5 people? Nah..i wouldn't want to. =p

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