Sunday, October 08, 2006


Met up with Weiliang,Kenneth and Shuyi yesterday. Shuyi called along XiangRu, her pri classmate too.

We watched Rob-B-Hood at AMk Jubeeli, staring Louis Khoo and Jacky Chan. Wasn't our first choice, preferred to watch World Trade Center. Since yesterday was devoted totally for weiliang, so he made the decision.

Weiliang going for his field camp soon, and will be confined for another 2 weeks. Thus, our gathering was meant to be a de-stress session for him.

Rob-B-hood, I will give it a rating of 3 out of 5 stars. As usual, Jacky Chan displayed his martial stunts, which never failed to create a deep impression in the audience hearts. On top of that , the main attraction was on the baby actually. Many times, I was humoured not because of Jacky and Louis comical actions, but the baby natural expressions. Towards the end of the movie, the director actually instill some sense of compassion into the story line, which sum up the entire story beautifully.

After the movie, Weiliang drove us to ChaiChee to eat supper. Had bak chor mee and some chicken wings. Though its sinful(I'm gonna gain more fats again), but it has been a long time we had supper together. Most of the time, our nights were spend in our regular mahjong sessions. After supper, he drove us to East Coast. Had an icecream, before we moved on to east coast park to share our stories.

By the time I reached home, was already 3am.

Though four of us can continue to meet up, but realise that we are getting busier in our own endeavours. With Kenneth going to army soon on the 26th of October, guess every reunion will mean alot to us. This is just another obstacle in our friendship, and I believe we will hand in hand to overcome it together. With our strong determination and never say die spirit, 7 years of friendship will continue to go on.

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