Tuesday, October 03, 2006

stressed, i need to write something!

Ya, I know my title is wierd. Just want to write something .

Was watching this show call "Liao Zai" on channel u, realised it had been such a long time Singapore Media had actually telecast some drama serial that I can't take my eyes off it.

The previous show that I sat rooted on my sofa set, was "Wu Tou Dong Gong" and "Yi Tian Tu Long Ji". She Shi Man portrayed herself as an evil sect in the latter. Up till now, she's still my favourite hongkong celeb lo!

Ya, so i was saying bout this show call liao zai. It has a total of 6 different stories. This story was about some infamous painter, who had killed his wife , and remarried. Her wife turned into a vivious ghost and came back for revenge. In the end, she did not succeed. The painter was blinded with honour and fame, and wanted to marry the princess. So, he killed his 2nd wife. On that day of his marriage, both the painter and the princess were murdered by his 1st and 2nd wife.

You've got to watch the show, to experience the thrill and anticipation as the plot progress.

Haiz, got to go back to office to rush up all my work again. I realised I'm abit inefficient this week, can't finish on time. Had to work OT, and I kind of lost track what do I need to follow up .

Temper flares up unknowingly, and I get abit impatient too. Worst still, the online leave application system was down, and was not able to finish up my work.

HR audit is coming, and I have not completed my courses workplan file. Mdm wants me to reorganise everything again, from Jan to Oct. I wished I had more brains, hands, and fingers. I don't need to have exta pair of legs, course my job scope doesn't require me to run around. But I need more fingers so that I can type and file up my stuffs more efficiently and effectively.

Anyway, I'm just crapping. Please don't give me that, I don't want to turn into a monster and end up frightening my Mdm away.

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