Sunday, November 05, 2006


Recently had some renovation done to my kitchen. Took 3 days leave to oversee the whole renovation. At the same time, finally had some time to settle down, and did something to my room.

That pot of plant, was from ikea, less than $5 i think. Need something to brighten up my room. At least when I'm down, I can water my plant, pondering deep thoughts while I am looking at it.

Take a look on the other side of my room. Okay, I'm not that rich, so pardon for my small bed frame. Take a look at my photo frames! Bought them at ikea, cost about less than $3 each. with a new look, I feel better especially after a tired day from camp. After all, one spend about 1/3 of the day on bed, so a cozy bedroom allow one to anticipate a better tomorrow!

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