Monday, November 27, 2006


Yes, not again.

I'm going to O.R.D, yet the amount of wordload is increasing.

My CO wants some ISO-9000 to be achieved , CO conference, end of year bugging people to clear leave, planning 07/08 courses workplan...changed and changed again due to NDP'07, pushing some other people to plan for community work for the battalion, getting arrows from my Mdm when my oWN workload have not been settled!!!!

I wonder am I doing stuffs that have reached beyond my limits? I'm just a NSF, I could have reached camp at 7, read papers until 8am, play games, talk on the phone, go to canteen, leave the office at 6pm punctually. But that all brings down to a word--- responsibility.

Yes, no doubt that I'm an NSF, and many of these things I could have carried an 'BO-CHAP' attitude with me, but seriously, responsibilty is the keyword here, but no one seems to understand me. I wanted so much to leave the office early, but I'm tied down with work, and some other people think that I'm crazy, I'm siao-on.

No, I'm not.

I must fully admit that I'm a perfectionist, and everything have to be done with standards. I believe in quality not quantity.

Army is stressful, because your superior always demands efficiency and capability. If you are slow or produce sub-quality work, you are OUT of this game.

Yes, the keyword in this sentence, 'OR', not 'AND'.

Thus, army is a career where you will see survival of the fittest.

On the other hand, no one appreciates your hard work, course they take everything for granted. But if you make a tiny mistake, you will be reprimanded harshly. No one will think of your achievements. Just one wrong step will overwhelm your vast achievements you had made.

3 more mths? I guess I may gone berserk the next moment.

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