Monday, December 11, 2006

Daniel Goh's Birthday

Celebrated Daniel's birthday at Modesto, Vivocity on Saturday, 091206. Had a couple of surprises. Suhui going to overseas for exchange programme for 6 months , and is flying on the early morning of Christmas. Hmm, which means that she will only return in June. Ferry going to overseas , also for exchange programme, for 1 and a 1/2 year. Haiz, we are going to lose another buddy!

Nevertheless, the time spent with these group of friends, never fails to bring me laughters and joys. Shuting is forever chatty, and Daniel always brightens up my day with his lame jokes. Both Chinran and Daniel has already ORDed, left sharmen and me. ArGgg..3 MORE MONTHS! Sharmen, lets endure!

Oh, heard that Mindy is the Captain of her NUS rugby team, wah, kind of unexpected, haha. And shuting has just put on braces. Aye, guess our next meet up with be chinran's birthday celebration, which is coming soon! YooO HooOo!

Next week going to be another busy week for me. Going for exercise and shifting of my office to another location. ArGGGgg, I can't wait to ORD... my last exercise before i ORD! 'I don't want to lead an Army life... '

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