Thursday, December 07, 2006

Its a stardom day!

Went to attend our boiboi's POP today. Haha. No lah, attended the shan pi par's POP lah, who else, Weiliang lor. Not bad ah, his POP brings me memories 2 years ago leh! Saw the familiar Bronco OC,CSM, and my PC! But I never approach them lah, I shy leh. Hahaha.

And oh my god, I saw her!

And him!

When I sms my army understudy, Jixiang :

Kianhuat : Hey jixiang, I saw kelly and Huang Wenyong in tekong.

Jixiang : Why are they doing there? They got a son POP?

Kianhuat : | -_-''' |

I think Huang Wenyong's son POP, and Kelly got a brother in Falcorn Company too. Kelly was sitting infront of me lor! Wanted to take a quick snap of her, but I thiNk her sister spotted, so aye..mission failed leh.

Weiliang and Myself

Kenneth? Must be hiding somewhere lah, busy eating Tekong's Most famous ROTI JOHN lah.

The main person in this pic not soonyi . Please focus on Weiliang who camouflaged among the green so perfectly.

You can view more pictures in my multiply!

Weiliang's POP

After that, went to Singapore Indoor Stadium for Mayday's concert. Met up with Guijin and her Bf. I forgot his name, but it doesn't matter la. Hehe.

Guijin and Bf

The whole gang push lead singer ah xin into the cake, his birthday.

Wah lan eh, the mayday concert, superb sia! I just keep on shouting. Until now i shao sia. Then we were shaking our lightsticks like crazy and the music is so rock! Its so rock and high until we stand up in the end! Cool, everyone is like so high and we just keep on shout encore even though the show ends... wow, so high!~

Don't need eat ecstacy liao lah, mayday!

K lah, i very lazy to type liao. More pictures view under...

MayDay's Concert

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