Monday, December 25, 2006

Xmas Eve - Chinran's 20th Birthday

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Me and Chinran

Xmas Eve went to celebrate ChinRan's Birthday at Cityhall, Rivercity Restaurant. Buffet dim sum! Wah, really ate alot like nobody's business. Also serves as a farewell treat to suhui, who is leaving for seattle on xmas, for 6 months exchange program!! As usual, endless laughters and joys.

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The 7 of us! Ferry's in Indonesia, hope he's not affected by the floods and quakes.

Not only that, we exchanged christmas present , and I got sharmen's! Was a table calender with a PIG on it. -_-... haha.

We actually ordered so many dim sums , that the waiter had to stack the dim sums up. Shuting and myself saw this wedding cake on the stage, and we couldn't stop ourselves from taking photos with it!

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Shuting and Myself cutting the wedding cake! Haha

Was also trying to take down some well wishes from the rest, to be complied into a video for Suhui. Luckily she went to buy webcam , so we managed to took the video without her around. Anyway, I had created this 20 min plus video , but stupid youtube don't allow me to exceed 10mins. Has extracted the essence of this video...

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