Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy 21st Birthday, Chinran!

He finally turned 21...when people like shuyi is going to turn 22. Haha.

My 八仙 clique decided to come over to my house ON 22 Dec 2007,... since I was not feeling well. Yeh, had food poisoning again. Actually, Dr yuen say may not be food poisoning, maybe the food poisoning in June this year had KILLED my stomach, so my stomach become more sensitive. So Dr Yuen said, no more cheese, coffee and chilli for 3 months. ARGHHH. That's going to kill me.

Well, must thank Justin, Songwei, Sophia, Shuyi and Seeman, for showing your concern, I'm recovering, though I'm still feeding on liquid food... argHHH.. I want to eat CHAR KWAY!!!

Waiting for the forever late shuting...

太平公主。。。 (公猪还差不多。。。),shuting!

Daniel goh and Ferry... finally he is back from melbourne!!!!!!!

Sharmen and Chinran

Hmm...daniel, 你的咸猪手放干净一点。。。。

Suhui helping out with the cake...

胖小呆。。。 告诉你几次了,不能偷吃蛋糕,要乖哦!不要嘟起小嘴哦。。。

Watching tv, chinran and sharmen

让我们make a wish...make a wish...


The present from all of us...

The brownie Cheese cake...yes, I 偷吃 alittle...haha.

Haha, Ferry and Suhui...

Happy birthday to Chinran once again...

This year...we celebrated our birthdays, without the full force of 八仙,this time round, Mindy went India for community involvement. Nvm...now with Ferry back from melbourne, I believe the next birthday celebration, 八仙会归位的!!!

Merry Christmas to all!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ajc 15/03 @ Minds Cafe!

Went out with Kahhui, Danny, Wenchuan, Tiensoon, Janice and Zhiqi to Minds Cafe on Saturday Night... kudos to Kahhui for organising this gathering!

See how we enjoyed ourselves!

Tiensoon is always the 老鼠屎,don't know where the hell is he looking at...

猜猜看,who is the hero/heroine in the background?!

The guys in action!

We thought Tien Soon will be the 老鼠屎 again...

It's not kahhui..

It's not wenchuan either...

Haha...yeh yeh, I'm the 老鼠屎,好大一 颗 的老鼠屎。。。

Janice and Zhiqi... 两个长不大的小孩,opps... 长不大??? 好大,好大。。。lol...

Me and the forever funny zhiqi~

The libranz babies!

Hahha... project work team mates! Less Kelvin Chew and Amanda... we are the mighty slackers! Work smart....but not work hard. Lol!

We were playing halfway...then Danny and Wenchuan started to argue about the rules of the game, lol.... the wiseman Tiensoon was spotted reading the rules silently in one corner~!

You thought I'm the only one in the picture? Nah.... only Kah hui knows the answer. Opps...haha.

Janice and Zhiqi was trying to stand further away from the camera, to prevent being termed as " 大头". Hahha... too bad, they didn't know, 一山还有一山高。。。。 muahhaha!!!!

Haha.... act cool?! Myself, Zhiqi and Kah hui

See...kahhui and Zhiqi wore 情侣装。。。 haha, no lah, just coincidental! The numbers just represent Janice and my weight. =X

Hahhaa, trying to be funny!

Then we went to Balcony at Heerens to chill out... Zhiqi and Wenchuan went home earlier. Janice enjoying her drink...


Tiensoon...in a very artistic background~

Danny and Tiensoon stoning...

Cheers to our 4 years of friendship!

Ajc 15/03 Mini Gathering... 成功!Thanks to Kah hui!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Long time no see!

Finally meet up with my mahjong kakis, Weiliang, Shuyi and Kenneth on Saturday and Monday.

Was @ J8 and Orchard on Saturday...

This is Weiliang...in his turtle shirt. He loves muay thai...muahhaha. There's a story behind it, internal joke. Lol...

Oh...绯闻。。。 还是‘肥’闻?

Shuyi just need the shoulder pads to transform into 大路妹。。。opps, I mean 大路的大婶。 hahahhaha.

我们家的小胖kenneth 瘦了!!!! 掌声鼓励鼓励!!!!

Mahjong Kakis unite!!!! 魅力无法挡! muahahhahah!

Then on Monday, we sat down to 发功。。。。

The ultimate winner... 'chio hee hee' , 三家输一家!

The ultimate loser ... 没脸见人。。。

We therefore came to a conclusion : That muay thai boxer of our family put a curse on this photo... staring at our tiles! Weiliang 心肌好中!!!

Look at shuyi, her 杀气好中,determined to win back her money next time!

Not that I'm lazy...but I'm busy taking pictures, so clearing up...ehh, find some other people lah. Lol. And now U know where's the exact location of the family portrait.... so many pairs of eyes looking at our tiles~

After mahjong, 好心的ahmad , 也就是我们家的司机,Daniel Ang, came to drive us for SUPPER at Hans, there's a 24 hour hans at upper thomson road area...

麻将归麻将,吃,还是要吃的。我们是分得很清楚的。哈哈哈!And under some persuasion, Muaythai boxer weiliang finally decided to treat us with his winnings. 你早就该这样做了。

这不是骗吃骗喝。。。 这叫礼尚往来。。。