Sunday, January 28, 2007

許瑋倫 (1978 - 2007 )

She succumbed to the fatal accident. Life's really unpredictable. The news is too sudden. I still couldn't accept the truth. Though I'm just a stranger, but as a third party, I just felt pity for such a talented lady. Her death urged me to take my life more seriously, and on top of that, valued the importance of my family and friends.

Chill out @ Liquid Kitchen

Went to celebrate Guijin's 21st bday at East Coast Park today. Hmm, kinda sianz, maybe because I different frequency. But nevertheless, feel great to see wanping,zhixiang,jeremy and guijin, my AJC friends. Had not catch up with them for quite some time.

After that, met up with shuyi,weiliang and kenneth at liquid kitchen, somewhere near my place to chill out. Watched soccer matches , and talked about happening events in our daily lifes. Got the news from weiliang and shuyi that Taiwanese Celeb, Xu Wei Lun is currently in coma, and suffered serious injuries due to a fatal car accident on Friday night. Went online to search for more information and realised she suffered from skull internal bleeding. Sincerely pray to all gods that she will be fine . Anyway, for those who are still unfamiliar with Xu Weilun, here's a photo of her:

Xu Wei Lun

Here's some pics of Kenneth,Shuyi , Weiliang and Me.

Friday, January 26, 2007


Yesterday went to wild wild wet for my HQ COY cohesion day. It was raining heavily, but nevertheless, we still went down to get ourselves wet. Saw the above photo? We actually took this ride for about 5-6 times, climbing up the stairs by overcoming the cold wind, and finally came to a agreement on this photo. Simply because, my office, YIWEI... always miss the shot! Its a random snap photo near the exit, so we got to prepare ourselves when we were near the camera.

Hey,I simply like this picture. Because the colours of our tees, seems to depict the vibrant of the 3 of us! K lah, I know I'm chao lao...but I hope I look alittle bit younger here? Alex, Firmin and Myself. If you were to observe carefully, seems like we were promoting emicakes, with our goodie thumbs up!

Firmin,Myself, Yiwei, Alex, and Yongchyuan. Credits to maurice, who helped us took the photo for all day.

Firmin and myself wanted to hang ourselves in the air, but we tried twice, still cannot. In the end...we end up looking funny. Lol.

Alex,Yongchyuan,Yiwei,Firmin and Me
Okay, a clearer pic to let you see who's the fittest among the 5 of us. The title goes to alex , the rugger, and for myself, i think I gotta train hard!~ HahHA.

Firmin looked funny. haha, had a hard time getting the 6 of us to be in the same picture. Hahaha, thanks to maurice again

Finally with clothes on, but a very disorganised pic! HAhaA...
Back row(from left) Yongchyuan,Yiwei,Maurice
Front(From left) Me, Alex,Firmin

View more pictures here:
HQ COY cohesion day

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mummy's Birthday

Today's my mum's birthday. For the first time, I actually bought a cake for her. Yeh, for the first time. Simply because I assume that she has diabetes, and she will not want to take something sweet. However, I were wrong. She actually hinted me few days ago, so I took up the idea, bought a cake for her.

I'm so touched to see the wide smile from my mother's face.

Wanted to bring her to crystal jade, but going to rain soon, and somemore we haven't collect the cake, so she decided to eat somewhere near our house. Though was a simple dinner, but it was more than a dinner. Just want to lighten her spirits, because recently she couldn't see clearly. Diabetics has cause one of her vision to be quite blur, because of the leakage of blood in the blood vessels.

She's the most powerful lady in the world, who raised me up with her own hands since I'm 7. I really admire her alot. She's not only my mother, but my soulmate, my friend. I will just confide to her whenever I have any problems.

Really hope that she enjoyed to the fullest today. Will promise to spend more time with my mum next time!

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shuyi's 21st Birthday

Celebrated Shuyi's Birthday at Aranda Country Club on Saturday, 06.01.07.

We (ehh..actually not me, I either take photos or play guitar) started decorating the entire room with black and white stuffs, as the theme for her birthday was either black or white. Most of the time, Daniel Ang, Xiang Ru, Shuyi is climbing up and down. Btw, Xiang Ru is shuyi's pri schmate.

On the 2nd day morning, kenneth had to left for his cousin's wedding dinner. Shuyi and Xiangru went out to shop for shuyi's bday dress. As for daniel and myself, we slept the whole morning until sy and xr came back. Started blowing balloons and more balloons,till I'm really out of breath and my whole mouth was filled with rubber smell. Around 4 plus, we began to pack everything ,shower and prepare for her birthday bash! Shuyi's mum prepared all the food, really must take my hats off for her mother. She actually prepared food for 50-60 pax! And she really put in alot of effort , the food was fantastic!

The theme for the event was black and white. So most of us...yes. Most of us, cause got some people like er hem, weiliang, who never obey the rules, super rude. Lol.

My funny buddies with Shuyi

Mahjong cake!

My mahjong kakis! Kenneth went to attend cousin's wedding, came around 11pm.

Birthday girl and me

Shuyi's pri schmate, from left, Xinyi, Shuyi, Joleen, Xiang Ru. They are also my most helpful committee members. Weiliang and Kenneth also part of the committee. Without these people, the birthday bash wouldn't be a success!

Performing Guan Huai Fang Shi, but I forget the lyrics 3 times initially. SO PAisHAY!

Shuyi presenting gifts to the Committee Members!

Playing game, me as the WHITE TEAM leader!

Shuyi's Black Team forfeit!

Me explaining the 2nd game...until I luan, paisay lah, not meant to be a speaker... =(
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Shuyi's 21st Birthday

Monday, January 01, 2007

Healthy Lifestyle

Went out with Weiliang,Junwen and Kenneth today. Healthy lifestyle . Went to Yck Stadium for jogging, then after that went for a swim at yck swimming pool. Suppose to meet at 2pm, then WL say 2.30pm Then when I about to step out of my house, WL say 3.15pm.

Think my 2.4km cannot make it lah. During BMT days, last test was 11min 47sec. Just now run with them, my timing was 13min 13sec. Bet many NSF out there reading my blog will roll on the floor laughing liao. Better trained hard! My resolution for 2007 is to challenge Army Half Marathon and Standard Chartered! Hmm... seems like the greatest joke of the year right? A person who used to weigh like a tonne suddenly decide to run??? Haha, hopefully I can lah. Think i got to train up like mad.

Swimming was funny. 4 big guys gossiping about potential TI KOs and GAYs around. Haha. Kenneth , joke of the day, forget to bring underwear to change, and need to wear his wet and tight swimming trunks home. Lol!

Healthy lifestyle!