Sunday, January 28, 2007

Chill out @ Liquid Kitchen

Went to celebrate Guijin's 21st bday at East Coast Park today. Hmm, kinda sianz, maybe because I different frequency. But nevertheless, feel great to see wanping,zhixiang,jeremy and guijin, my AJC friends. Had not catch up with them for quite some time.

After that, met up with shuyi,weiliang and kenneth at liquid kitchen, somewhere near my place to chill out. Watched soccer matches , and talked about happening events in our daily lifes. Got the news from weiliang and shuyi that Taiwanese Celeb, Xu Wei Lun is currently in coma, and suffered serious injuries due to a fatal car accident on Friday night. Went online to search for more information and realised she suffered from skull internal bleeding. Sincerely pray to all gods that she will be fine . Anyway, for those who are still unfamiliar with Xu Weilun, here's a photo of her:

Xu Wei Lun

Here's some pics of Kenneth,Shuyi , Weiliang and Me.

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