Monday, January 01, 2007

Healthy Lifestyle

Went out with Weiliang,Junwen and Kenneth today. Healthy lifestyle . Went to Yck Stadium for jogging, then after that went for a swim at yck swimming pool. Suppose to meet at 2pm, then WL say 2.30pm Then when I about to step out of my house, WL say 3.15pm.

Think my 2.4km cannot make it lah. During BMT days, last test was 11min 47sec. Just now run with them, my timing was 13min 13sec. Bet many NSF out there reading my blog will roll on the floor laughing liao. Better trained hard! My resolution for 2007 is to challenge Army Half Marathon and Standard Chartered! Hmm... seems like the greatest joke of the year right? A person who used to weigh like a tonne suddenly decide to run??? Haha, hopefully I can lah. Think i got to train up like mad.

Swimming was funny. 4 big guys gossiping about potential TI KOs and GAYs around. Haha. Kenneth , joke of the day, forget to bring underwear to change, and need to wear his wet and tight swimming trunks home. Lol!

Healthy lifestyle!

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