Friday, January 26, 2007


Yesterday went to wild wild wet for my HQ COY cohesion day. It was raining heavily, but nevertheless, we still went down to get ourselves wet. Saw the above photo? We actually took this ride for about 5-6 times, climbing up the stairs by overcoming the cold wind, and finally came to a agreement on this photo. Simply because, my office, YIWEI... always miss the shot! Its a random snap photo near the exit, so we got to prepare ourselves when we were near the camera.

Hey,I simply like this picture. Because the colours of our tees, seems to depict the vibrant of the 3 of us! K lah, I know I'm chao lao...but I hope I look alittle bit younger here? Alex, Firmin and Myself. If you were to observe carefully, seems like we were promoting emicakes, with our goodie thumbs up!

Firmin,Myself, Yiwei, Alex, and Yongchyuan. Credits to maurice, who helped us took the photo for all day.

Firmin and myself wanted to hang ourselves in the air, but we tried twice, still cannot. In the end...we end up looking funny. Lol.

Alex,Yongchyuan,Yiwei,Firmin and Me
Okay, a clearer pic to let you see who's the fittest among the 5 of us. The title goes to alex , the rugger, and for myself, i think I gotta train hard!~ HahHA.

Firmin looked funny. haha, had a hard time getting the 6 of us to be in the same picture. Hahaha, thanks to maurice again

Finally with clothes on, but a very disorganised pic! HAhaA...
Back row(from left) Yongchyuan,Yiwei,Maurice
Front(From left) Me, Alex,Firmin

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HQ COY cohesion day


Anonymous said...

u did mankind a favour by not posting Loi's photos! AISEH!

kevinskh said...

lol..who are u?