Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mummy's Birthday

Today's my mum's birthday. For the first time, I actually bought a cake for her. Yeh, for the first time. Simply because I assume that she has diabetes, and she will not want to take something sweet. However, I were wrong. She actually hinted me few days ago, so I took up the idea, bought a cake for her.

I'm so touched to see the wide smile from my mother's face.

Wanted to bring her to crystal jade, but going to rain soon, and somemore we haven't collect the cake, so she decided to eat somewhere near our house. Though was a simple dinner, but it was more than a dinner. Just want to lighten her spirits, because recently she couldn't see clearly. Diabetics has cause one of her vision to be quite blur, because of the leakage of blood in the blood vessels.

She's the most powerful lady in the world, who raised me up with her own hands since I'm 7. I really admire her alot. She's not only my mother, but my soulmate, my friend. I will just confide to her whenever I have any problems.

Really hope that she enjoyed to the fullest today. Will promise to spend more time with my mum next time!

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