Sunday, January 07, 2007

Shuyi's 21st Birthday

Celebrated Shuyi's Birthday at Aranda Country Club on Saturday, 06.01.07.

We (ehh..actually not me, I either take photos or play guitar) started decorating the entire room with black and white stuffs, as the theme for her birthday was either black or white. Most of the time, Daniel Ang, Xiang Ru, Shuyi is climbing up and down. Btw, Xiang Ru is shuyi's pri schmate.

On the 2nd day morning, kenneth had to left for his cousin's wedding dinner. Shuyi and Xiangru went out to shop for shuyi's bday dress. As for daniel and myself, we slept the whole morning until sy and xr came back. Started blowing balloons and more balloons,till I'm really out of breath and my whole mouth was filled with rubber smell. Around 4 plus, we began to pack everything ,shower and prepare for her birthday bash! Shuyi's mum prepared all the food, really must take my hats off for her mother. She actually prepared food for 50-60 pax! And she really put in alot of effort , the food was fantastic!

The theme for the event was black and white. So most of us...yes. Most of us, cause got some people like er hem, weiliang, who never obey the rules, super rude. Lol.

My funny buddies with Shuyi

Mahjong cake!

My mahjong kakis! Kenneth went to attend cousin's wedding, came around 11pm.

Birthday girl and me

Shuyi's pri schmate, from left, Xinyi, Shuyi, Joleen, Xiang Ru. They are also my most helpful committee members. Weiliang and Kenneth also part of the committee. Without these people, the birthday bash wouldn't be a success!

Performing Guan Huai Fang Shi, but I forget the lyrics 3 times initially. SO PAisHAY!

Shuyi presenting gifts to the Committee Members!

Playing game, me as the WHITE TEAM leader!

Shuyi's Black Team forfeit!

Me explaining the 2nd game...until I luan, paisay lah, not meant to be a speaker... =(
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Shuyi's 21st Birthday

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