Sunday, February 25, 2007

oh my god!!!

Haha..was browsing my album and saw this photo..waH, SI BUI KIA. Ya lah, he's none other than me! Was 84kg during my J1 days, dunno what the hell, such a narcisstic person like me can actually grow until this size!!!!!!! Oh My GOD..the double cheek.. thick enough to fry one plate of black pepper chicken rice!

Was discussing with Shuyi and Weiliang about something just now, and it triggers me to upload some of our Ang Mo Kio Sch Days pics...and some before and after!


Weiliang :

Myself :

The 4 of us:

Haha...scary isn't it?!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Sheena's 21st Birthday

Attended Sheena's 21st Birthday today, saw Khim wee, whom I've not seen for ages.

Sheena with her very hip hairstyle...and me of course, ;)

After that went to Weiliang's house with Shuyi. Our good driver Kenneth is down with food allergy since yesterday. His eyes were puffy when we last saw him. Thought it was his mucous , since he was having flu. But end up he was really sick! MC until Friday !!! Must take care of yourself !

Kenneth, our good friend.

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Sheena's 21st

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year at Shuyi's House

Went to shuyi's house today ... with the bunch of buddies and our 'relatives' , haha, shixian, zhiquan and colleen. Saw Shuyi's cousins as well. As usual, gamble and gamble...

First time sit in Kenneth's car, woo hoo... I must be proud to say both Weiliang and Kenneth are the safest drivers! Taking their rides, no worries and no sweat! As for the reckless driver award, I shan't say it here. Think people who know me better will know who's that person? haha... cos I've always been nagging his driving skill sucks, and will seriously result in giddiness and nausea. Lol!

Suddenly got the urge to take my driving lessons asap, hope to get my license by this year. Yea...hope.

The Traffic Lights!
Haha, Myself, Zhiquan and Shixian
One naval diver, one officer leh...mai siao siao!

After that went to watch Just Follow Law :

Another local production. Hmm, kind of disappointing. Okay, at first I really thought my office daily politics are brought up to the big screen. I must really say it's almost the same situation! The big boss arrows the supervisor, and the latter will arrow the rest! But the poor workers will never understand the responsibility his/her supervisor has to carry, and the only thing they know is to complain. Fann Wong has to maintain her professionalism and carry out the CEO's instructions. Yet Gurmit Singh sadly does not understand Fann's difficulties, and tension arises.

But later as the movie proceeds, I somehow feel that the storyline gets abit ridiculous especially when their identity switches. Hmm...i shan't talk about much here, wait for you guys to explore the movie!

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CNY at Shuyi's House

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Steamboat at Weiliang's house + 4/1 Gathering at Downtown east

Had steamboat with them , at Weiliang's house today!
(Back row, from left)Kenneth,Junwen,Shixian , Weiliang
(Front row, from left)Myself, Shuyi, Zhiquan

My 9 years of Mahjong Kakis!

The food and steamboat...thanks to shuyi dajie, who treated us today! Haha.

I think the good thing about steamboat is that we can get together and there will always be endless of laughters and joys. Weiliang was entertaining us with his army stories in the gas chamber. Also realised that Junwen had passed his driving test on his first attempt! Congrats!

Kenneth forever try his best with his 'always self-proclaimed' lame jokes, and Zhiquan and Shixian will always came up with unexpected comments.

My second steamboat for the week, and I will expect more coming. Chinese New Year, the period which I will be forced to eat. I wonder I need to run how many rounds to burn off that extra calories and fats!!!!!

After steamboat, Weiliang sent Junwen and myself to 4/1 gathering and birthday celebration at downtown east. Was a celebration meant for the March and Feb Babies.

The Feb and Mar babies.
From left, Xueling, Weini, Xiaoyi, Sheena, David

Hongsheng and me! Our fingers depicts the symbol of S1 dept! Haha...
Aye aye, miss the days working with him. Ehh..but I enjoy the days working with my current Dys1, Yiwei too.. heehee.
Oh, for the girls..Dys1 means officer lah.

Amkss 4/1'02 unites again!

Saw familiar faces again, and realised all of us have really matured alot. Especially the guys, I presumed is due to NS eh? Quoting from Hongsheng, some of us actually knew each other for as long as 9 years! This special bond is so strong, we went through lots of ups and downs in Secondary school till now, amazing and not surprising, our friendships is tougher than anything. It is priceless !!!!

Was wondering...if one day we had a gathering in our Ang Mo Kio Sec Uniform... haha, lolx.

Enjoy the Video Below~:

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Steamboat and 4/1 Gathering

Friday, February 16, 2007

Steamboat with S1 dept

Went to Marina bay steamboat with S1 brothers! Chinese New Year celebration!
(Standing, frm left) Joel,Yiwei,YongQuan,Maurice,Teck Kai
(Seated, frm left) Myself, Jixiang,Alex, Firmin

Myself and the new leaders from S1 DEPT!

Haha, we found this on the gas cylinder. S1 DEPT!!!! Firmin and myself thought it was kind of coincident, so took the pic.

The 1986/1987 batch!
Saw the guy in white? Kayhian! Intruder from S3 dept~ Haha, just kidding lah, people officer lei~ lol
What's my understudy Jixiang dreaming of? Lol... maybe thinking of free steamboat, fat hope!

Sorry guys, must apologised for being so late today. This time really got reason lah. I actually came out at 5.50pm, but the bus was late lo! So in the end reached marina bay at 7 +pm. Paisay..

Anyway, had a good chat with my fellow S1 bros and one S3 guy(Kayhian), Promised you guys this won't be my last dinner with you all lah, will give you all a treat sometime near my ORD date. Whatever it is, glad to see Dekai came back to join us for the reunion steamboat. Wish all of you happy CHINESE NEW YEAR!

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S1 Steamboat

Sunday, February 11, 2007


I luv this meaningful. Its specially written for xu wei lun.


作詞:瑋倫眾好友 作曲:黃韻玲

每當我仰望這片天空 星星不停閃爍

我總會想起你 天真的望著我

那些有妳的日子 我們多麼快樂

Angel妳美麗的笑容 我願為妳守候

唱妳最愛的歌 有祝福有寬容

張(展)開自由的翅膀 擁抱希望和遼闊

抬頭仰望 我攤開無力的手掌

藍色的天空 飛舞著 天使的翅膀

我用心傾聽 妳甜美聲音


Angel妳美的容顏 我願為妳守候

唱妳最愛的歌 有祝福有寬容

Angel妳美的容顏 我願為妳守候

唱妳最愛的歌 有祝福有寬容

張(展)開自由的翅膀 擁抱希望和遼闊

抬頭仰望 我攤開無力的手掌

藍色的天空 飛舞著 天使的翅膀

我用心傾聽 妳甜美的聲音

跨越穹蒼 飛向遠方

Angel隨著幸福微風 旅行整個宇宙

當妳累的時候 別忘記還有我

生命因妳而燦爛 花兒有妳才芬芳


不要害怕 盡情飛 飛向遠方


Sunday, February 04, 2007

David Farewell

Farewell to David, who will be going to overseas for study this coming Friday. Time pretty tight for him, as he will ORD on Wed. He's studying physio, and maybe working there as well. Met my long lost Primary School friends today, haha... after 2 years I guessed? Had missed 2 gatherings already, was thinking if I missed this one again, will be kena blacklisted. Lol.

Saw the little green envelope in David hands? Yah, a little token from us, wishing him all the best in his studies. May not be able to see him for quite some time, as he maybe working there after his studies.

Reached Bishan Cafe Cartel and saw Firmin with his JC
friends as well. Anyway, was there around 1.30pm, and left around 6.30pm. 5 hours of recollection of our Primary school events. Reminiscing the good old days with Zhihao, David, Eebing, Grace, Sinyee, Chew Hwee, Jacqueline and Christina, who only came around 4pm. Life pretty good for all of them out there, same for me as well. Was talking about how small Westlake Pri was, and majority of us were Prefects, and seems like the entire school was under the command of our 6D class. David and Grace was incharged of AVA, Jacqueline the head prefect, I was the one who lead the pledge, Eebing was the one who pressed the recess bell. Not forgetting we had each of us from our class in every eca, such as librarian, table tennis, chinese dance, badminton, art club, ensemble, etc etc. Practically, seems like only our class is actively involved in school activities, what about the rest?!! Haha. Also were the days when we copied homework, queued up for canteen food, waited for school bus, loitering in Toa Payoh/Braddell Neighbourhood Macdonale, etc etc.

My childhood memories would not be interesting without these bunch of friends around.

The guys : Myself,David,Zhihao
The girls: (standing, from left) Jacqueline,Christina,Chewhwee
(Seated , from left) Eebing, Grace, Sinyee