Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Chinese New Year at Shuyi's House

Went to shuyi's house today ... with the bunch of buddies and our 'relatives' , haha, shixian, zhiquan and colleen. Saw Shuyi's cousins as well. As usual, gamble and gamble...

First time sit in Kenneth's car, woo hoo... I must be proud to say both Weiliang and Kenneth are the safest drivers! Taking their rides, no worries and no sweat! As for the reckless driver award, I shan't say it here. Think people who know me better will know who's that person? haha... cos I've always been nagging his driving skill sucks, and will seriously result in giddiness and nausea. Lol!

Suddenly got the urge to take my driving lessons asap, hope to get my license by this year. Yea...hope.

The Traffic Lights!
Haha, Myself, Zhiquan and Shixian
One naval diver, one officer leh...mai siao siao!

After that went to watch Just Follow Law :

Another local production. Hmm, kind of disappointing. Okay, at first I really thought my office daily politics are brought up to the big screen. I must really say it's almost the same situation! The big boss arrows the supervisor, and the latter will arrow the rest! But the poor workers will never understand the responsibility his/her supervisor has to carry, and the only thing they know is to complain. Fann Wong has to maintain her professionalism and carry out the CEO's instructions. Yet Gurmit Singh sadly does not understand Fann's difficulties, and tension arises.

But later as the movie proceeds, I somehow feel that the storyline gets abit ridiculous especially when their identity switches. Hmm...i shan't talk about much here, wait for you guys to explore the movie!

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CNY at Shuyi's House

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