Sunday, February 04, 2007

David Farewell

Farewell to David, who will be going to overseas for study this coming Friday. Time pretty tight for him, as he will ORD on Wed. He's studying physio, and maybe working there as well. Met my long lost Primary School friends today, haha... after 2 years I guessed? Had missed 2 gatherings already, was thinking if I missed this one again, will be kena blacklisted. Lol.

Saw the little green envelope in David hands? Yah, a little token from us, wishing him all the best in his studies. May not be able to see him for quite some time, as he maybe working there after his studies.

Reached Bishan Cafe Cartel and saw Firmin with his JC
friends as well. Anyway, was there around 1.30pm, and left around 6.30pm. 5 hours of recollection of our Primary school events. Reminiscing the good old days with Zhihao, David, Eebing, Grace, Sinyee, Chew Hwee, Jacqueline and Christina, who only came around 4pm. Life pretty good for all of them out there, same for me as well. Was talking about how small Westlake Pri was, and majority of us were Prefects, and seems like the entire school was under the command of our 6D class. David and Grace was incharged of AVA, Jacqueline the head prefect, I was the one who lead the pledge, Eebing was the one who pressed the recess bell. Not forgetting we had each of us from our class in every eca, such as librarian, table tennis, chinese dance, badminton, art club, ensemble, etc etc. Practically, seems like only our class is actively involved in school activities, what about the rest?!! Haha. Also were the days when we copied homework, queued up for canteen food, waited for school bus, loitering in Toa Payoh/Braddell Neighbourhood Macdonale, etc etc.

My childhood memories would not be interesting without these bunch of friends around.

The guys : Myself,David,Zhihao
The girls: (standing, from left) Jacqueline,Christina,Chewhwee
(Seated , from left) Eebing, Grace, Sinyee

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