Saturday, February 17, 2007

Steamboat at Weiliang's house + 4/1 Gathering at Downtown east

Had steamboat with them , at Weiliang's house today!
(Back row, from left)Kenneth,Junwen,Shixian , Weiliang
(Front row, from left)Myself, Shuyi, Zhiquan

My 9 years of Mahjong Kakis!

The food and steamboat...thanks to shuyi dajie, who treated us today! Haha.

I think the good thing about steamboat is that we can get together and there will always be endless of laughters and joys. Weiliang was entertaining us with his army stories in the gas chamber. Also realised that Junwen had passed his driving test on his first attempt! Congrats!

Kenneth forever try his best with his 'always self-proclaimed' lame jokes, and Zhiquan and Shixian will always came up with unexpected comments.

My second steamboat for the week, and I will expect more coming. Chinese New Year, the period which I will be forced to eat. I wonder I need to run how many rounds to burn off that extra calories and fats!!!!!

After steamboat, Weiliang sent Junwen and myself to 4/1 gathering and birthday celebration at downtown east. Was a celebration meant for the March and Feb Babies.

The Feb and Mar babies.
From left, Xueling, Weini, Xiaoyi, Sheena, David

Hongsheng and me! Our fingers depicts the symbol of S1 dept! Haha...
Aye aye, miss the days working with him. Ehh..but I enjoy the days working with my current Dys1, Yiwei too.. heehee.
Oh, for the girls..Dys1 means officer lah.

Amkss 4/1'02 unites again!

Saw familiar faces again, and realised all of us have really matured alot. Especially the guys, I presumed is due to NS eh? Quoting from Hongsheng, some of us actually knew each other for as long as 9 years! This special bond is so strong, we went through lots of ups and downs in Secondary school till now, amazing and not surprising, our friendships is tougher than anything. It is priceless !!!!

Was wondering...if one day we had a gathering in our Ang Mo Kio Sec Uniform... haha, lolx.

Enjoy the Video Below~:

View more pictures here:
Steamboat and 4/1 Gathering

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