Friday, February 16, 2007

Steamboat with S1 dept

Went to Marina bay steamboat with S1 brothers! Chinese New Year celebration!
(Standing, frm left) Joel,Yiwei,YongQuan,Maurice,Teck Kai
(Seated, frm left) Myself, Jixiang,Alex, Firmin

Myself and the new leaders from S1 DEPT!

Haha, we found this on the gas cylinder. S1 DEPT!!!! Firmin and myself thought it was kind of coincident, so took the pic.

The 1986/1987 batch!
Saw the guy in white? Kayhian! Intruder from S3 dept~ Haha, just kidding lah, people officer lei~ lol
What's my understudy Jixiang dreaming of? Lol... maybe thinking of free steamboat, fat hope!

Sorry guys, must apologised for being so late today. This time really got reason lah. I actually came out at 5.50pm, but the bus was late lo! So in the end reached marina bay at 7 +pm. Paisay..

Anyway, had a good chat with my fellow S1 bros and one S3 guy(Kayhian), Promised you guys this won't be my last dinner with you all lah, will give you all a treat sometime near my ORD date. Whatever it is, glad to see Dekai came back to join us for the reunion steamboat. Wish all of you happy CHINESE NEW YEAR!

View more pictures here:
S1 Steamboat

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