Saturday, March 31, 2007

YongTat : Tommy : Noel : Last day of work

Tommy , Noel, Yong Tat

It was their last day in HSA. So we've decided to wear all black yesterday. We all take 1/2 day yesterday, to go K-ster for singing session, to mark their final stay in HSA.

Basically just went around taking photos, and before we left for K-ster, Noel wanted to take a picture in the gym. hAha... hang in there!~
Zhao Yan, Yongtat, Tommy, Myself and Noel.

At k-ster! Myself, Yongtat, Tommy, Noel, Jiajie, Jasmine deep thoughts?

Acting cool

Indian dance...ehh, this wierd pose suggested by Jasmine. Haha...kinda awkward for such a big size guy like me. lol..

The cheeky fella - yongtat! HAha..he's the joker among us!

Jasmine trying her best to attack Tommy...haha.

Time really flies, I've been in HSA for about 3 weeks. Its amazing I can get to know such great pals within such a short time. Though time is short, but I will definitely treasure the happy times we had together. All the best to you guys, and endure in ARMY! 2 years will pass by very quickly... kambatteh!

After K-ster, went to pasta-mania to had my dinner with Tommy, Jasmine, Yongtat. Can see that Jasmine is feeling rather sad that they are leaving. Hopefully she can get over it as soon as still have us! Haha.

Rushed back home to play mahjong with my Army friends, Jixiang,Yiwei and Kelvin the medic. Firmin can't play yesterday as he got a friend's birthday party to attend. So asked Kelvin to play.

Guess I need to end here soon, need to attend Wanping's 21st Birthday Celebration at her house...shall upload some pics when I returned!

More pics:
YongTat : Tommy : Noel 's last day in HSA

Thursday, March 29, 2007

HSA colleagues

Must be wondering why am I blogging at such hour. Was trying to find some Chinese info for my student. He is having a test for Friday.

Today's there's some event in HSA. We took some pics since some of them are leaving soon for army.

Ru Lai Shen Zhang! From front to back, Jasmine, Noel, Yong Tat and Tommy.

Another! Tommy, Yong Tat, Noel, Jasmine. The light behind seems to indicate some aura existance...haha.

Haha, they took this pic because of their height. Jasmine and Noel are hem, abit shorter than average . Thus we always make fun of them! Anyway, Tommy, Noel and YongTat are leaving for army soon. This Friday going to be their last day. All of them , including Jasmine are 1988 batch, haiz...makes me feel abit older sia. Haha.
Tommy's my upper study anyway. Yong Tat is Xie Zhao Yan's upper study. Oh yah, for those who doesn't know, Xie Zhao Yan from AJC is currently working with me as well. Such a coincidence eh? Singapore is really a small world.

Some behind the scene pics~

Jasmine trying to find a stand to compensate her height..haha.

Tommy can't stop laughing, NOEL? Abit slow ah? Haha..

YongTat and Noel over enthu...haha.

K lah, shall upload more pics again on their farewell!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ferry's farewell part 2

Haha, blogging in office right now. Ferry jus send me some photos , shall upload it!

Lol... sequence wrong!

We will miss you! Finally got it right..

Oh yah, what happen was we were outside the gate, but Ferry check in liao. So we can only express our wishes to him through this way.

Anyway, I may be going to Vietnam with Firmin and his Church friends from 4 TO 9 of June. If everything is okay..then sweEee!

hAha.. k lah, 6pm liao, going to Gym!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Phew~ Finally!

Phew, finally got a break. I am really tired, but can't blame anyone. Its contradicting, I complain about my fatigue, but yet at the same time, I enjoy being occupied and busy.

As usual, Mon to Fri working in HSA. Tues and Fri Chong's Clinic. Monday went down to comfort driving center, but the driving time only left 8 25am and 4 30pm slot, so my instructor asked me to book another time. Waste my trip there. I guess I'm stupid lah, could have called them before going down.

Wed went for my gym session , not on good form, cause didn't sleep well the previous night. Couldn't carry most of the heavy weights...arGgh.

Thursday got tuition class, but last min cancelled. So went home early for the first time. Slept at 8.30pm, guess I'm too tired.

Saturday went for driving lesson at 3pm. My instructor say I'm a dangerous driver. Cos I couldn't control my steering wheel. HAHa, many times he had to help me turn back, to prevent myself from hitting the kerb. I think driving with me will raise his blood pressure to a greater extent. Haha. After that went for tuition class. Taught my students how to sing Stephanie Sun's - WAN MEI DE YI TIAN. They enjoyed it~! Also scolded them for giving me half fucked homework...was a little pissed lah. Maybe because of my hectic scheduled, become more bad-tempered.

Later going to gym session again. Keep fit! Read Kailun's blog about herself jogging to keep fit. Yeh, agree with her jogging can destressed one alot. But its an irony. I hate jogging, but I always force myself to do so, so to reduce stress and can be more focus in the day. It work wonders! Initially my plan was to jog on every tues and fri, but this week too tired. Only managed to jog once. I think I must learn to be more disciplined.

Oh yEh... hee, i got some humble pics to upload, hee...

Actually I'm quite shy lah... hahahha. Ehh... hope you all won't laff lah, my little progress! HEhee... gym and exercise work wonders!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Post

Firmin,Kelvin and Myself

Met up with Firmin and Kelvin at Liquid Kitchen just now to chill out. Was Firmin's actual 21st Birthday on the 20th March. So ask him and Kelvin out for some Man's talk again. Coincidentally, Kelvin wore the same attire like Liquid Kitchen's staffs. Haha. Firmin~ finally 21st! Grown up liao! Be more mature eh! Haha...

Was abit tired, cos today got 2 jobs, Chong's and HSA. But nevertheless, having a good chat with them destressed me alot. Didn't had time to chat with 2 of them on Firmin's party, since most of the time Firmin was entertaining his guests, and I was talking to my S1 colleagues. K lah, sometimes guys can be talkative too. But we don't gossip k, we reminisce the good old days and of course about girls, Firmin got cute girls from church! But too bad, attached liao.

I don't know why I'm still blogging at this hour...infact I'm actually very very very tired. Life is tough, but I enjoy to keep myself busy !

I will strive harder to make my days better.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Firmin's 21st Birthday

Went to attend Firmin's 21st birthday at his house today! Before that went to attend my first driving lesson. Weiliang told me to be careful because the engine will "die fire" . And I "die fire" for 7 times! Funny part is when he asked me to turn on the signal light, i go and turn on the window swipe.. malu sia! Hahha.. but fun lah driving. I still feel abit nervous and scared when i drive on the road. Got vehicle wants to cut my lane somemore. Then my instructor scold him 'humji', stunt! Haha..cos he don't dare to cut in the end.

Oh yah, was saying I went to attend Firmin's Birthday Party today.

I must really say Firmin is very lucky to have such wonderful church friends. From the decorations to the games and videos, everything was done with their utmost efforts. Saw some familiar faces such as Kelvin Chew, my AJC classmate and fellow guitar ex-co committee, my S1 dept guys and S3 dept Patrick. Must comment on Kelvin's effort in making the video, just some comments: Should have put more of my pics. HahHA.

Kelvin, Firmin and Myself

Played some games and get to know some of Firmin's Church friends. Played mahjong with them as well. And Firmin's got to do his forfeit!

S1 dept: Jixiang,Maurice,Firmin,Myself,Yongquan

Had a good chat with the guys just now. Really missed those days we were in the same dept, especially when I scold you all. ( no la! Kidding..haha) But seriously, you guys have been great, without anyone of you around, my army life wouldn't be that interesting, and I wouldn't even ponder any thoughts after i ORD. I think what we had today its really MAN's TALK. To Maurice, don't be dishearten with what I told you, but you must work harder to prove the rest wrong! I know you always like to help out, one day, someone will recognise your efforts. To Firmin, though I don't know you for long, but I know you are a Bro who will assist me whenever I need help. I may not be in 35SCE to assist you, but feel free to approach me.

Endless of laughters, endless of liqueor. Firmin was finally drunk. His friend Jeremy even vomited .

Jeremy vomiting...

Now I've ORD, will not be able to work with all of you guys anymore. Yes, we may meet up again, but that kind of environment will not be available again. Treasure your army life, once you ORD, you wouldn't believe your life in army was that interesting.
We were once strangers, and now we've become brothers. We've been through rain and sun, but gone today my friend, you're forever in my heart.

Did a little video here for my brothers outthere!

Anyway, missed Weiliang's Birthday Celebration this year. Aye, feeling rather guilty, hopefully my gang won't mind. Will make it up for you, paisay ah. Hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest!!!! I think Shuyi is angry with me with some money matters, hopefully she can get over it soon. Very scared women angry with me, because normally it will take them very very very very long to forget an incident.

Nvm, friendship is full of ups and downs, this adds on and spice up our relationship! Don't mistaken, i mean relationship as a friend. Haha.

Oh ya, remember my $3.00 incident? The company called me and apologised! Haha, i got a $5.00 taxi voucher! Think i going to give it to my mum who's going for eye appointment on Monday.

Finally got what I deserved...I told you I will get it back! aRGgG!

More pics:
Firmin's 21st!~

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Went out with Weiliang and Kenneth to shop for my office attire today. Spend a total of $266.00.. bought 1 pants and 3 shirts, abit heart pain, because I just realised March got no pay!!!!

Weizhang and Zhiquan joined us later.

Anyway, I didn't realised I will be that busy on the coming week when my student ask me when is the next tuition! I've only got one day that can allocate to them. Oh my holy shit...

I drew up a time-table to keep myself update and aware too.

I only realised today, that Firmin's and Weiliang's celebration clashed! Don't care, both I must go, good buddies , must give face!

Haiz...I was wondering if I'm capable to overcome this hectic schedule?!

Anyway, going to NTU/NUS openhouse with Daniel Goh...aye, I haven't rest enough this week, I need a break!

Saturday, March 10, 2007

O.R.D lor!

Wow, Finally. Waited for so long. Another busy day. Woke up around 8.30am, and bought some dim sums back for my colleagues in S1, S3 and CAC. Collected my pink i/c around 11plus, then stayed back till around 2.30pm. Had lunch with my S1 and some of my colleagues. Must make this clear, I don't miss camp, but I miss the people! Some people . Got a phone call from recruit express around 12 noon, they got a job for me at Health Science Authority! Start work from Monday. Get to wear office attire, yooo hoo! I think life get busy for me starting from next week.

Monday to Friday , 8.30am to 6pm
Working in HSA

Tuesday and Friday, 7pm to 9pm
Working in Chong's Clinic

One of days
Tuition Class for my Indian Students

Twice of the days
Gym training

Every Saturday
Driving lessons

Wah... i think the most difficult part is to juggle with my HSA and Chong's Clinic job. But I like to be busy, I just loved to be occupied!

Today after camp, rushed down to Raffles Place Recruit Express to sign my contract at 4pm. Reached home at 5.40pm, shower, and rushed down to Chong's Clinic. My 4th day in Chong's, made a bit of mistake, and today Dr Yuen ask me why I gave myself the christian name 'KEVIN'. I told him cos 'KIAN HUAT' start with 'k', then I thought he's going to say... then why not 'Kenneth' ? Instead, Dr Yuen said, 'then why not KANGAROO? ' I was like stunned...speechless. Aye, doctors really think out of the box.

After Chong's, went down to meet my BMT friends for a small ORD dinner at Crystal Jade. Shared a cab down with my colleague , Daniel, since he got a birthday party somewhere in orchard too. Damn long never see them, endless of laughters, and we just can't stop talking...

Joshua, Mingjie and Myself

Kennedy, Jimmy, Hansen

Group Pic!

After that, we squeezed in Ming Jie's car, actually i never squeezed, sat infront, its them...ahha. Went to Junction 8 to catch a movie.


Joshua and Kennedy left first... drop them at Bishan and they transferred to a train. Watched this show titled '300' .

Its just about fighting and killing, I thought its abit long, but overall rating give it 3 out of 5! Ancient War based story.

Really want to thank Ming Jie for fetching us home though it was already 3 am plus. Thanks ah!

It really has been a tired day... nevertheless, ORD lo!

More pics:
ORD loh~

Thursday, March 08, 2007

The $3.00 complain

Today is such a busy day. Had gym training in the morning, after that rushed back to seletar camp with Sharmen to do our Medical FFI and signed our clearance. To the girls, medical FFI means medical check up, clearance means must go to different department to get their respective signatures to certify that we are 'cleared', and ready to ORD. Sharmen forget to bring his check up form, which is essential because it records his previous dental check up and blood test. Luckily I know the Medic, and Maurice was there to help Sharmen and myself, and the medic close one eye. But he was nagging and nagging. After that went to Yiwei's Bunk to clear my army essential items, such as field packs, sbo and helmet. Haha, force Sharmen to help me carry, because we bought SAF shoes as well, so many things to carry.

In the end, Sharmen suggest we called a cab, since he's going to suntec, and ask if I can longbang him to Bishan MRT. Thought that was a good idea, because my camp is so FUC**** big, and we are both totally SHACKED!

Took a cab? Here's our nightmare... this stupid uncle try to con my money. Luckily when Sharmen boarded the cab, he saw the surcharge was $5.50, but he never tell me lah, just tell me to question the uncle when I get down. Then I also cannot see the meter reading, because the uncle gear and hand was blocking my view, didn't want to make it too obvious that I'm looking at the metre reading also..haha, paisay.

I think the below 8 comic strips will better illustrate my anger !!!!!

Pls navigate from left to right...left to right...

Actually, the $3.00 is small thing, but I just think is the matter of principle. I will get it BACK... will update you people again!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Ferry's Farewell and 21st Birthday Celebration + Kenneth's 21st Birthday Celebration

Was an eventful day on Saturday, 3 Mar 07. Celebrated Ferry's Farewell and Bday at his house, after that sent him to airport, then celebrated Kenneth's Birthday at Jalan Kayu Jerry's BBQ and Grill, then went to Weiliang's house to view a special video for Kenneth, play mahjong...and reached home around 4 am plus. Tired and busy, but was an enjoyable and fulfilling day!

Ferry's event wouldn't be successful without my committee, let me introduce them!

The Chairman and Vice-Chair - Myself and Shuyi

The treasurers - Chinran And Sharmen

The advisors -Mindy and Shuting

The chef -Daniel Goh

The F'n'B incharged and Food Taster -Daniel Ang

Logistics- Kenneth and Weiliang(behind)

Woke up around 7am to burnt a Video CD for Kenneth..was doing his video until 5am then accidentally doze off. Touched up alittle...and was done around 8plus. Got to leave the house asap because meeting some of my committee members to prepare food for Ferry's Birthday. Initially wanted to do catering, but budget tight, so decided to cook ourselves...

Was late for about 15mins, went to NTUC to buy some food with Daniel Ang and Daniel Goh, Chinran ,Sharmen and Ferry. Bought some curry puffs from Old Chang Kee to add on to the items of food as well.

So we proceed directly to Ferry's place. Daniel Goh was the cook... haha, but the kitchen was so packed, and the preparation of food was really terrifying! There was this moment when we were busy talking, but not realising the tissue has caught fire!! Lucky I smelled something funny,and ask around, we were so panic , luckily Ferry's maid save us. Frying nuggets wasn't an easy task as well...

Around 12plus...guests started to come in, and we brought down the food to function room. Some Pics to share...

Myself,Shuyi,Daniel Ang

Traffic Lights-Daniel Goh,Ferry and Mindy

Playing Daidee, Hongsheng as the Banker

Blowing candle

2/4'99 in action!

4/1'02 !

The guys..

The 8 great buddies and present for ferry, Suhui is in seattle, coming back in July!

The committee members!

After that, around 5 plus, we accompanied ferry to the airport. Haha, he sponsered $10 to each group.

Ferry and Myself at the airport Melbourne

Final group pic before Ferry leave for Melbourne.

Ferry, all the best to you! See you in 1.5 years time!

After ferry's departure, Junwen,Weiliang,Kenneth,Junwen and Myself took cab down to Jalan Kayu's Jerry's BBQ to celebrate Kenneth's Birthday, together with Shixian,Colleen. Looixu came later. Wah, and the airport surcharged is expensive sia, additional $5, and $2 peak hour..which adds up to a total of $7. Wow...

At Jerry's BBQ...

Kenneth and his little Cherry...

Kenneth's Bday Cake

Thanks to kenneth, who treated us Jerry's BBQ. hAHA...after that went to Weiliang's House to view this video made for kenneth. Remembered my previous post transformation? Yah..weiliang and shuyi triggered me to post that as I was looking through the pictures. But couldn't explain because didn't want kenneth to know about this video...meant it to be a surprise! Here's my masterpiece!

Watched Man U vs Liverpool at Weiliang's House... the moment MAN U scored, haha, I should have pictured it down Weiliang's expression to you guys. He was CRAZY. Guess Yiwei and Jixiang won some money from this match. Treat me lunch! Haha... after that played mahjong with Colleen,Shuyi and Weiliang. Long time never play mahjong liao. Hands itcy again, hahaha... finally left weiliang's place and reached home around 4plus in the morning. sorry if I put a very long post this time round. Haha, apologised for any slow loading. Wanted to post more

View more pictures here:
Ferry's Farewell and 21st Birthday Celebration+ Kenneth's 21st!