Thursday, March 08, 2007

The $3.00 complain

Today is such a busy day. Had gym training in the morning, after that rushed back to seletar camp with Sharmen to do our Medical FFI and signed our clearance. To the girls, medical FFI means medical check up, clearance means must go to different department to get their respective signatures to certify that we are 'cleared', and ready to ORD. Sharmen forget to bring his check up form, which is essential because it records his previous dental check up and blood test. Luckily I know the Medic, and Maurice was there to help Sharmen and myself, and the medic close one eye. But he was nagging and nagging. After that went to Yiwei's Bunk to clear my army essential items, such as field packs, sbo and helmet. Haha, force Sharmen to help me carry, because we bought SAF shoes as well, so many things to carry.

In the end, Sharmen suggest we called a cab, since he's going to suntec, and ask if I can longbang him to Bishan MRT. Thought that was a good idea, because my camp is so FUC**** big, and we are both totally SHACKED!

Took a cab? Here's our nightmare... this stupid uncle try to con my money. Luckily when Sharmen boarded the cab, he saw the surcharge was $5.50, but he never tell me lah, just tell me to question the uncle when I get down. Then I also cannot see the meter reading, because the uncle gear and hand was blocking my view, didn't want to make it too obvious that I'm looking at the metre reading also..haha, paisay.

I think the below 8 comic strips will better illustrate my anger !!!!!

Pls navigate from left to right...left to right...

Actually, the $3.00 is small thing, but I just think is the matter of principle. I will get it BACK... will update you people again!

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