Sunday, March 11, 2007


Went out with Weiliang and Kenneth to shop for my office attire today. Spend a total of $266.00.. bought 1 pants and 3 shirts, abit heart pain, because I just realised March got no pay!!!!

Weizhang and Zhiquan joined us later.

Anyway, I didn't realised I will be that busy on the coming week when my student ask me when is the next tuition! I've only got one day that can allocate to them. Oh my holy shit...

I drew up a time-table to keep myself update and aware too.

I only realised today, that Firmin's and Weiliang's celebration clashed! Don't care, both I must go, good buddies , must give face!

Haiz...I was wondering if I'm capable to overcome this hectic schedule?!

Anyway, going to NTU/NUS openhouse with Daniel Goh...aye, I haven't rest enough this week, I need a break!

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