Monday, March 05, 2007

Ferry's Farewell and 21st Birthday Celebration + Kenneth's 21st Birthday Celebration

Was an eventful day on Saturday, 3 Mar 07. Celebrated Ferry's Farewell and Bday at his house, after that sent him to airport, then celebrated Kenneth's Birthday at Jalan Kayu Jerry's BBQ and Grill, then went to Weiliang's house to view a special video for Kenneth, play mahjong...and reached home around 4 am plus. Tired and busy, but was an enjoyable and fulfilling day!

Ferry's event wouldn't be successful without my committee, let me introduce them!

The Chairman and Vice-Chair - Myself and Shuyi

The treasurers - Chinran And Sharmen

The advisors -Mindy and Shuting

The chef -Daniel Goh

The F'n'B incharged and Food Taster -Daniel Ang

Logistics- Kenneth and Weiliang(behind)

Woke up around 7am to burnt a Video CD for Kenneth..was doing his video until 5am then accidentally doze off. Touched up alittle...and was done around 8plus. Got to leave the house asap because meeting some of my committee members to prepare food for Ferry's Birthday. Initially wanted to do catering, but budget tight, so decided to cook ourselves...

Was late for about 15mins, went to NTUC to buy some food with Daniel Ang and Daniel Goh, Chinran ,Sharmen and Ferry. Bought some curry puffs from Old Chang Kee to add on to the items of food as well.

So we proceed directly to Ferry's place. Daniel Goh was the cook... haha, but the kitchen was so packed, and the preparation of food was really terrifying! There was this moment when we were busy talking, but not realising the tissue has caught fire!! Lucky I smelled something funny,and ask around, we were so panic , luckily Ferry's maid save us. Frying nuggets wasn't an easy task as well...

Around 12plus...guests started to come in, and we brought down the food to function room. Some Pics to share...

Myself,Shuyi,Daniel Ang

Traffic Lights-Daniel Goh,Ferry and Mindy

Playing Daidee, Hongsheng as the Banker

Blowing candle

2/4'99 in action!

4/1'02 !

The guys..

The 8 great buddies and present for ferry, Suhui is in seattle, coming back in July!

The committee members!

After that, around 5 plus, we accompanied ferry to the airport. Haha, he sponsered $10 to each group.

Ferry and Myself at the airport Melbourne

Final group pic before Ferry leave for Melbourne.

Ferry, all the best to you! See you in 1.5 years time!

After ferry's departure, Junwen,Weiliang,Kenneth,Junwen and Myself took cab down to Jalan Kayu's Jerry's BBQ to celebrate Kenneth's Birthday, together with Shixian,Colleen. Looixu came later. Wah, and the airport surcharged is expensive sia, additional $5, and $2 peak hour..which adds up to a total of $7. Wow...

At Jerry's BBQ...

Kenneth and his little Cherry...

Kenneth's Bday Cake

Thanks to kenneth, who treated us Jerry's BBQ. hAHA...after that went to Weiliang's House to view this video made for kenneth. Remembered my previous post transformation? Yah..weiliang and shuyi triggered me to post that as I was looking through the pictures. But couldn't explain because didn't want kenneth to know about this video...meant it to be a surprise! Here's my masterpiece!

Watched Man U vs Liverpool at Weiliang's House... the moment MAN U scored, haha, I should have pictured it down Weiliang's expression to you guys. He was CRAZY. Guess Yiwei and Jixiang won some money from this match. Treat me lunch! Haha... after that played mahjong with Colleen,Shuyi and Weiliang. Long time never play mahjong liao. Hands itcy again, hahaha... finally left weiliang's place and reached home around 4plus in the morning. sorry if I put a very long post this time round. Haha, apologised for any slow loading. Wanted to post more

View more pictures here:
Ferry's Farewell and 21st Birthday Celebration+ Kenneth's 21st!

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