Sunday, March 18, 2007

Firmin's 21st Birthday

Went to attend Firmin's 21st birthday at his house today! Before that went to attend my first driving lesson. Weiliang told me to be careful because the engine will "die fire" . And I "die fire" for 7 times! Funny part is when he asked me to turn on the signal light, i go and turn on the window swipe.. malu sia! Hahha.. but fun lah driving. I still feel abit nervous and scared when i drive on the road. Got vehicle wants to cut my lane somemore. Then my instructor scold him 'humji', stunt! Haha..cos he don't dare to cut in the end.

Oh yah, was saying I went to attend Firmin's Birthday Party today.

I must really say Firmin is very lucky to have such wonderful church friends. From the decorations to the games and videos, everything was done with their utmost efforts. Saw some familiar faces such as Kelvin Chew, my AJC classmate and fellow guitar ex-co committee, my S1 dept guys and S3 dept Patrick. Must comment on Kelvin's effort in making the video, just some comments: Should have put more of my pics. HahHA.

Kelvin, Firmin and Myself

Played some games and get to know some of Firmin's Church friends. Played mahjong with them as well. And Firmin's got to do his forfeit!

S1 dept: Jixiang,Maurice,Firmin,Myself,Yongquan

Had a good chat with the guys just now. Really missed those days we were in the same dept, especially when I scold you all. ( no la! Kidding..haha) But seriously, you guys have been great, without anyone of you around, my army life wouldn't be that interesting, and I wouldn't even ponder any thoughts after i ORD. I think what we had today its really MAN's TALK. To Maurice, don't be dishearten with what I told you, but you must work harder to prove the rest wrong! I know you always like to help out, one day, someone will recognise your efforts. To Firmin, though I don't know you for long, but I know you are a Bro who will assist me whenever I need help. I may not be in 35SCE to assist you, but feel free to approach me.

Endless of laughters, endless of liqueor. Firmin was finally drunk. His friend Jeremy even vomited .

Jeremy vomiting...

Now I've ORD, will not be able to work with all of you guys anymore. Yes, we may meet up again, but that kind of environment will not be available again. Treasure your army life, once you ORD, you wouldn't believe your life in army was that interesting.
We were once strangers, and now we've become brothers. We've been through rain and sun, but gone today my friend, you're forever in my heart.

Did a little video here for my brothers outthere!

Anyway, missed Weiliang's Birthday Celebration this year. Aye, feeling rather guilty, hopefully my gang won't mind. Will make it up for you, paisay ah. Hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest!!!! I think Shuyi is angry with me with some money matters, hopefully she can get over it soon. Very scared women angry with me, because normally it will take them very very very very long to forget an incident.

Nvm, friendship is full of ups and downs, this adds on and spice up our relationship! Don't mistaken, i mean relationship as a friend. Haha.

Oh ya, remember my $3.00 incident? The company called me and apologised! Haha, i got a $5.00 taxi voucher! Think i going to give it to my mum who's going for eye appointment on Monday.

Finally got what I deserved...I told you I will get it back! aRGgG!

More pics:
Firmin's 21st!~


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hey kev!!! take away the vid clip!!! damm paiseh!

kevinskh said...

Haha, no way!