Thursday, March 29, 2007

HSA colleagues

Must be wondering why am I blogging at such hour. Was trying to find some Chinese info for my student. He is having a test for Friday.

Today's there's some event in HSA. We took some pics since some of them are leaving soon for army.

Ru Lai Shen Zhang! From front to back, Jasmine, Noel, Yong Tat and Tommy.

Another! Tommy, Yong Tat, Noel, Jasmine. The light behind seems to indicate some aura existance...haha.

Haha, they took this pic because of their height. Jasmine and Noel are hem, abit shorter than average . Thus we always make fun of them! Anyway, Tommy, Noel and YongTat are leaving for army soon. This Friday going to be their last day. All of them , including Jasmine are 1988 batch, haiz...makes me feel abit older sia. Haha.
Tommy's my upper study anyway. Yong Tat is Xie Zhao Yan's upper study. Oh yah, for those who doesn't know, Xie Zhao Yan from AJC is currently working with me as well. Such a coincidence eh? Singapore is really a small world.

Some behind the scene pics~

Jasmine trying to find a stand to compensate her height..haha.

Tommy can't stop laughing, NOEL? Abit slow ah? Haha..

YongTat and Noel over enthu...haha.

K lah, shall upload more pics again on their farewell!

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