Saturday, March 10, 2007

O.R.D lor!

Wow, Finally. Waited for so long. Another busy day. Woke up around 8.30am, and bought some dim sums back for my colleagues in S1, S3 and CAC. Collected my pink i/c around 11plus, then stayed back till around 2.30pm. Had lunch with my S1 and some of my colleagues. Must make this clear, I don't miss camp, but I miss the people! Some people . Got a phone call from recruit express around 12 noon, they got a job for me at Health Science Authority! Start work from Monday. Get to wear office attire, yooo hoo! I think life get busy for me starting from next week.

Monday to Friday , 8.30am to 6pm
Working in HSA

Tuesday and Friday, 7pm to 9pm
Working in Chong's Clinic

One of days
Tuition Class for my Indian Students

Twice of the days
Gym training

Every Saturday
Driving lessons

Wah... i think the most difficult part is to juggle with my HSA and Chong's Clinic job. But I like to be busy, I just loved to be occupied!

Today after camp, rushed down to Raffles Place Recruit Express to sign my contract at 4pm. Reached home at 5.40pm, shower, and rushed down to Chong's Clinic. My 4th day in Chong's, made a bit of mistake, and today Dr Yuen ask me why I gave myself the christian name 'KEVIN'. I told him cos 'KIAN HUAT' start with 'k', then I thought he's going to say... then why not 'Kenneth' ? Instead, Dr Yuen said, 'then why not KANGAROO? ' I was like stunned...speechless. Aye, doctors really think out of the box.

After Chong's, went down to meet my BMT friends for a small ORD dinner at Crystal Jade. Shared a cab down with my colleague , Daniel, since he got a birthday party somewhere in orchard too. Damn long never see them, endless of laughters, and we just can't stop talking...

Joshua, Mingjie and Myself

Kennedy, Jimmy, Hansen

Group Pic!

After that, we squeezed in Ming Jie's car, actually i never squeezed, sat infront, its them...ahha. Went to Junction 8 to catch a movie.


Joshua and Kennedy left first... drop them at Bishan and they transferred to a train. Watched this show titled '300' .

Its just about fighting and killing, I thought its abit long, but overall rating give it 3 out of 5! Ancient War based story.

Really want to thank Ming Jie for fetching us home though it was already 3 am plus. Thanks ah!

It really has been a tired day... nevertheless, ORD lo!

More pics:
ORD loh~

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