Sunday, March 25, 2007

Phew~ Finally!

Phew, finally got a break. I am really tired, but can't blame anyone. Its contradicting, I complain about my fatigue, but yet at the same time, I enjoy being occupied and busy.

As usual, Mon to Fri working in HSA. Tues and Fri Chong's Clinic. Monday went down to comfort driving center, but the driving time only left 8 25am and 4 30pm slot, so my instructor asked me to book another time. Waste my trip there. I guess I'm stupid lah, could have called them before going down.

Wed went for my gym session , not on good form, cause didn't sleep well the previous night. Couldn't carry most of the heavy weights...arGgh.

Thursday got tuition class, but last min cancelled. So went home early for the first time. Slept at 8.30pm, guess I'm too tired.

Saturday went for driving lesson at 3pm. My instructor say I'm a dangerous driver. Cos I couldn't control my steering wheel. HAHa, many times he had to help me turn back, to prevent myself from hitting the kerb. I think driving with me will raise his blood pressure to a greater extent. Haha. After that went for tuition class. Taught my students how to sing Stephanie Sun's - WAN MEI DE YI TIAN. They enjoyed it~! Also scolded them for giving me half fucked homework...was a little pissed lah. Maybe because of my hectic scheduled, become more bad-tempered.

Later going to gym session again. Keep fit! Read Kailun's blog about herself jogging to keep fit. Yeh, agree with her jogging can destressed one alot. But its an irony. I hate jogging, but I always force myself to do so, so to reduce stress and can be more focus in the day. It work wonders! Initially my plan was to jog on every tues and fri, but this week too tired. Only managed to jog once. I think I must learn to be more disciplined.

Oh yEh... hee, i got some humble pics to upload, hee...

Actually I'm quite shy lah... hahahha. Ehh... hope you all won't laff lah, my little progress! HEhee... gym and exercise work wonders!


Lips said...

aiyo, such big transformation ah?

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the firmIN said...

wah lao... after ord then so hardworking uh? haha