Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Random Post

Firmin,Kelvin and Myself

Met up with Firmin and Kelvin at Liquid Kitchen just now to chill out. Was Firmin's actual 21st Birthday on the 20th March. So ask him and Kelvin out for some Man's talk again. Coincidentally, Kelvin wore the same attire like Liquid Kitchen's staffs. Haha. Firmin~ finally 21st! Grown up liao! Be more mature eh! Haha...

Was abit tired, cos today got 2 jobs, Chong's and HSA. But nevertheless, having a good chat with them destressed me alot. Didn't had time to chat with 2 of them on Firmin's party, since most of the time Firmin was entertaining his guests, and I was talking to my S1 colleagues. K lah, sometimes guys can be talkative too. But we don't gossip k, we reminisce the good old days and of course about girls, Firmin got cute girls from church! But too bad, attached liao.

I don't know why I'm still blogging at this hour...infact I'm actually very very very tired. Life is tough, but I enjoy to keep myself busy !

I will strive harder to make my days better.

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