Saturday, March 31, 2007

YongTat : Tommy : Noel : Last day of work

Tommy , Noel, Yong Tat

It was their last day in HSA. So we've decided to wear all black yesterday. We all take 1/2 day yesterday, to go K-ster for singing session, to mark their final stay in HSA.

Basically just went around taking photos, and before we left for K-ster, Noel wanted to take a picture in the gym. hAha... hang in there!~
Zhao Yan, Yongtat, Tommy, Myself and Noel.

At k-ster! Myself, Yongtat, Tommy, Noel, Jiajie, Jasmine deep thoughts?

Acting cool

Indian dance...ehh, this wierd pose suggested by Jasmine. Haha...kinda awkward for such a big size guy like me. lol..

The cheeky fella - yongtat! HAha..he's the joker among us!

Jasmine trying her best to attack Tommy...haha.

Time really flies, I've been in HSA for about 3 weeks. Its amazing I can get to know such great pals within such a short time. Though time is short, but I will definitely treasure the happy times we had together. All the best to you guys, and endure in ARMY! 2 years will pass by very quickly... kambatteh!

After K-ster, went to pasta-mania to had my dinner with Tommy, Jasmine, Yongtat. Can see that Jasmine is feeling rather sad that they are leaving. Hopefully she can get over it as soon as still have us! Haha.

Rushed back home to play mahjong with my Army friends, Jixiang,Yiwei and Kelvin the medic. Firmin can't play yesterday as he got a friend's birthday party to attend. So asked Kelvin to play.

Guess I need to end here soon, need to attend Wanping's 21st Birthday Celebration at her house...shall upload some pics when I returned!

More pics:
YongTat : Tommy : Noel 's last day in HSA

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