Sunday, April 29, 2007

JC days

Was browsing through my computer, and realised there are alot of photos taken from my before army phone, LG dunno what.

Haha, less words, more pictures...but many memories, wow.

Experiment time...marilyn in the picture!

Kelvin Chew focusing

The result of studying too much (Zhixiang gone bonkers!)

Marilyn...hmm, studying, or...meditating? lol..

Teacher you see...they take my worksheet...

Hor! Caught fighting in the lab!

Let Zhixiang be the hero and rescue him!

Of course... there are laughters and joys !

Celebrating birthdays..but what wenchuan doing?

We can be wild...especially to ROY...muahahha.

On one's gonna save him! Hiak hiak hiak..

One...two...three! Throw!!!!

Seems like Zhiqi enjoyed what she saw! lOlx.

Not forgetting my Guitar Club weekly sessions...

One moment u see kelvin practising...

One moment..erhem. I shan't elaborate further. The picture is obvious.

At the other corner... girls from my class are relaxing...

Yes...very relaxed. Haha, zhiqi and yvonne enjoying themselves.

K... hope to dig out more pics and upload here again!

Saturday, April 14, 2007


A song written by Zhixiang and myself during my JC days, on Zhixiang love story with Yvonne, after they break-up. Specially for those heart-broken, single, and unwanted.
Did a little clip on this song... sang by Jeremy Goh's sister.

Many memories back...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

A day in Mediacorp

Yesterday went down to Mediacorp to work part-time. Tommy got a lobang for us, and call us along. Jasmine and myself took 1/2 day leave at HSA. Later Yongtat and Jasmine's bro, Vincent, came to HSA to meet us. Took a cab down and meet Tommy and his sister, Jessy at Mediacorp reception.

Were there to test out their new game, 'SPELL CAST' for KIDS aged 9-12. So basically all of us are overaged. Lol. Anyway, just to test out the system and there's a rehearsal as well.

Yong tat and Tommy

Having fun

Jasmine making phonecall..whose fingers???

The stage

Basically, we had to imagine we are the kids, and we actually have to make an introduction, look at the camera, so as to facilitate the rehearsing process. Was abit nervous when I face the camera, haha. Never expect I'm actually camera shy! Lolx. When I see myself on the tv screen, feel very wierd leh. But luckily it won't show on TV, just a rehearsal only.

There were 3 rounds, 8 contestants will be slowly eliminated until it left the final 2. But Tommy and My computer system got something wrong, so we were eliminated. But we enjoyed ourselves as audience! haha, since the floor manager ask us to make some noise, we made lor! But I guessed we were abit hyper Manage to take some pics of them on stage when I were the audience...haha.

Can you see who's up there?
Yellow: Yongtat ,Orange: Jasmine, Red: Tommy's sis-Jessy, Green:Jasmine's Bro-Vincent, Black: Some other people

Mediacorp crew troubleshooting the problem

Getting abit impatient...

So they decided to sit down...

And I think they are going to ZzZZz

And finally...the game continues again, and another 2 is elminated!

Here are the final 3 contestant!

Yongtat, Vincent, Jasmine...traffic light combi! Haha, Yongtat answering the question...

Now is Jasmine's turn!

Haha...yesterday was fun lah. But at the end of the show, was feeling rather tired. Yongtat enlisted today, next one will be Tommy tml. Wished all of them good luck!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Poying and Jeremy's 21st Birthday

From Left: Daniel, Chinran, Jeremy, Poying, Myself

Went to Bishan Partyworld to celebrate Jeremy and Poying's 21st Birthday after work. Though was tired, but the moment i see these long lost friends again, my fatigue soon convert to happiness and anticipation.

Could you believe it, the last time I saw Jeremy and Poying was before I enter army, which means that I have not seen the 2 of them for the past 2 years!!!!

Wah, time really flies. 9 years of friendship, and still remain intact! Still remember Jeremy was in the my Project Group in Sec 2 and Sec 3. For that 2 years, we had focused on this business project with the same group, Shuting, Junming and Huiteng. Every year, we came out with different ideas. Could still vividly remember that I couldn't present together with my group at Nanyang Poly due to my Chicken Pox. What a waste. But nevertheless, that project really instill lots of laughters in our secondary school days.

Poying was one of my clique in secondary school days. Nowadays, everyday chat on MSN with her whenever I'm working in HSA. She's my MSN mate haha, we will talk about everything under the sun, from lunch to our bosses then to our colleagues. We will often laugh about anything that can trigger our humour genes. Lol.

Myself with Jeremy and Poying

Daniel Goh trying to play funny trick again..kena caught!

Jeremy and Myself

Poying and Myself

Really missed these people, how I wished time can bring me back to secondary school days? Haha... I wished right. Haiz...

Hope they had enjoy today to the fullest, though it was jus a simple ktv session. Its a thought that counts!!!

More pics:
Poying and Jeremy's 21st Birthday

Monday, April 09, 2007

Suki-Sushi Buffet with HSA colleagues

Clockwise (bottom left) Yongtat, Noel, Myself, Jasmine, Tommy

Yesterday went to eat suki-sushi with HSA colleagues, so as to mark a final farewell to the 3 guys, Yongtat,Noel and Tommy who will be going to Army this coming week. By the time I blog this entry, Noel will be shaving his hair in Tekong already. Jiejie and Zhaoyan couldn't attend yesterday.

I must say it was the fullest buffet i ever had. I really eat until I could feel my stomach protruding. Not belly, stomach! You can feel the segregation of your stomach and your little belly. Haha, the rest also feel it that way. Up till now, I still can feel the withdrawal effects...stomach bloated, see food also feel like vomitting.

The amount of plates we ate...

It's tall enuff to cover Noel

Tommy could eat his food easily

Too full that we can't even move

Haha...more pics here!

Suki-Sushi Buffet with HSA colleagues

Saturday, April 07, 2007

A fool in life

Was reading someone's blog, which actually hurts me alot. I'm just a fool in life.

I tell myself I shall not trust anyone that easily again. I've always thought that this person has no harm, and I always thought that I owe this person something.

I think I was just a stepping stone for this person.

Don't understand anything? Don't worry, this entry is just for me to venge out my unhappiness. This person reads my blog, so I shall keep this sorrow deep in my heart.

Next time I met this person again , I will just feel totally different... totally.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Supper with AJC brothers

Went out to eat supper with Wenchuan and Tiensoon just now. Hmm, Wenchuan saw my msn display pic and complain that I look very thin now, hhaha, so ask me to come out eat supper to grow fatter. I don't want to be fatter leh, I want to be stronger!!!

Wenchuan and Myself

Tien Soon and Myself

Long never meet them up, due to my busy schedule, didn't attend Tiensoon's Birthday Celebration. Went to this 'Crabshack' near my place, hmm...nothing special about the crabs lah, but the Crab Baked Rice superb! Free go there and try, cost $6.90 only.

Later went to this extremely expensive HongKong dimsum shop near my place also, aye, food sux, expensive. 1 star, no..1/2 a star only lah.

Shall meet you guys soon again, sorry for not attending most of the mini gatherings ah. But I will try to attend in future ... hehe.

Driving lesson today , hmm... i was sweating. I think i still couldn't get rid of my driving phobia. Same thing, my car still die fire, and today my instructor ask me to go abit further. He said there's some improvement,but as usual, my steering is still very weak! No sense of directions at all...aye. He said next week increase to 2 hrs, focus on steering, and drive from ubi to National stadium area...i was like..huh?!

Siao liao!

Wanping's 21st Birthday!

Finally its Wanping's turn to be the headline on my blog! Haha...its her 21st Birthday party today, held at her house with buffet.

Saw some familiar faces like Zhixiang, Jeremy, Miaoting, Guijin and Joyce. I was rather shocked to see Joyce around, as I don't know how she is link to Wanping. When she extend her greetings to me, I was stunned, and was wondering who the hell is this girl. Then see clearly...oh..JOYCE! My AJC guitar club section 3 mates sia!

Joyce and Myself

Wanping opening her birthday present...its a Bikini! Not my idea...haha. Only chipped in $$$ only...too bad lah, she never wear to show us. =P

Wanping and Myself

Miaoting, Wanping, Guijin, Zhixiang, Myself and Jeremy

Zhixiang, the man with alot of ideas, introduce us with a game. Hard to explain here, but damn funny. We were like laughing non-stop and Guijin even complained that she laughed until stomach cramp..haha. By the end of this game, all of us were mostly brain-dead, and totally shacked~

Look at Dominic, Miaoting and Jeremy... hahha! All laughing and playing like crazy!

The four musketeers! Guijin, Wanping, Zhixiang and Myself

We had lots of fun in AJC...

Though life sux...we suffered through A levels, boring tutorials, time-consuming PE lessons, PON-ing lectures and not forgetting eating cheap western food and wan-ton mee!

Hope you had enjoyed your 21st Birthday party to the fullest Wanping!

More pics:
Wanping's 21st Birthday