Saturday, April 14, 2007


A song written by Zhixiang and myself during my JC days, on Zhixiang love story with Yvonne, after they break-up. Specially for those heart-broken, single, and unwanted.
Did a little clip on this song... sang by Jeremy Goh's sister.

Many memories back...


Ye@n Ye@n said...

haa luu
just a passer by n saw ur video clip
great n nice song
really cool that u can write ur own song ^^

kevinskh said...

Hey thanks kah yean, rite? Thanks for your support and will cont to write more songs , and upload onto my blog. You've got a nice layout for your blog too. =)

ChengHwee said...

hey i happen to pass by your blog.. and this song is nice *2 thumbs up* ^^