Thursday, April 12, 2007

A day in Mediacorp

Yesterday went down to Mediacorp to work part-time. Tommy got a lobang for us, and call us along. Jasmine and myself took 1/2 day leave at HSA. Later Yongtat and Jasmine's bro, Vincent, came to HSA to meet us. Took a cab down and meet Tommy and his sister, Jessy at Mediacorp reception.

Were there to test out their new game, 'SPELL CAST' for KIDS aged 9-12. So basically all of us are overaged. Lol. Anyway, just to test out the system and there's a rehearsal as well.

Yong tat and Tommy

Having fun

Jasmine making phonecall..whose fingers???

The stage

Basically, we had to imagine we are the kids, and we actually have to make an introduction, look at the camera, so as to facilitate the rehearsing process. Was abit nervous when I face the camera, haha. Never expect I'm actually camera shy! Lolx. When I see myself on the tv screen, feel very wierd leh. But luckily it won't show on TV, just a rehearsal only.

There were 3 rounds, 8 contestants will be slowly eliminated until it left the final 2. But Tommy and My computer system got something wrong, so we were eliminated. But we enjoyed ourselves as audience! haha, since the floor manager ask us to make some noise, we made lor! But I guessed we were abit hyper Manage to take some pics of them on stage when I were the audience...haha.

Can you see who's up there?
Yellow: Yongtat ,Orange: Jasmine, Red: Tommy's sis-Jessy, Green:Jasmine's Bro-Vincent, Black: Some other people

Mediacorp crew troubleshooting the problem

Getting abit impatient...

So they decided to sit down...

And I think they are going to ZzZZz

And finally...the game continues again, and another 2 is elminated!

Here are the final 3 contestant!

Yongtat, Vincent, Jasmine...traffic light combi! Haha, Yongtat answering the question...

Now is Jasmine's turn!

Haha...yesterday was fun lah. But at the end of the show, was feeling rather tired. Yongtat enlisted today, next one will be Tommy tml. Wished all of them good luck!

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