Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Poying and Jeremy's 21st Birthday

From Left: Daniel, Chinran, Jeremy, Poying, Myself

Went to Bishan Partyworld to celebrate Jeremy and Poying's 21st Birthday after work. Though was tired, but the moment i see these long lost friends again, my fatigue soon convert to happiness and anticipation.

Could you believe it, the last time I saw Jeremy and Poying was before I enter army, which means that I have not seen the 2 of them for the past 2 years!!!!

Wah, time really flies. 9 years of friendship, and still remain intact! Still remember Jeremy was in the my Project Group in Sec 2 and Sec 3. For that 2 years, we had focused on this business project with the same group, Shuting, Junming and Huiteng. Every year, we came out with different ideas. Could still vividly remember that I couldn't present together with my group at Nanyang Poly due to my Chicken Pox. What a waste. But nevertheless, that project really instill lots of laughters in our secondary school days.

Poying was one of my clique in secondary school days. Nowadays, everyday chat on MSN with her whenever I'm working in HSA. She's my MSN mate haha, we will talk about everything under the sun, from lunch to our bosses then to our colleagues. We will often laugh about anything that can trigger our humour genes. Lol.

Myself with Jeremy and Poying

Daniel Goh trying to play funny trick again..kena caught!

Jeremy and Myself

Poying and Myself

Really missed these people, how I wished time can bring me back to secondary school days? Haha... I wished right. Haiz...

Hope they had enjoy today to the fullest, though it was jus a simple ktv session. Its a thought that counts!!!

More pics:
Poying and Jeremy's 21st Birthday

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